1st International Firewalk Symposium

A time for Firewalk professionals from across the globe to Learn, Grow and have Fun together.



An exchange of knowledge between all major Firewalking Schools


A unique opportunity to strengthen and deepen your network


Add new layer of professionalism for the Firewalking Industry


Have fun and celebrate the joy of Firewalking

The time has come for Firewalkers to have their own annual Symposium. No matter who trained you, nor where or when. If you are a Firewalk Instructor, this symposium is for you.

This symposium is also open to those drawn to the Fire as well as those interested or working in the fields of Empowerment, Coaching and Personal Development.

By bringing together leading experts, with years of experience, from across the world, attending this Symposium will help aspiring Firewalk Instructors improve their service and marketing. By attending you will increase and strengthen your network. Best of all, we can celebrate together with three evenings of truly inspiring and outstanding Firewalks.

The speakers at the 1st International Symposium come from all the major Firewalking Schools. This is the very first time that they will present their unique knowledge at the same place.  This is your chance to get that new perspective that can rocket your Firewalking career.

The Symposium is not only about sharing knowledge. It is also about creating the future for the Firewalking Service.







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