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Awaken the Warrior Within


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September 15, 2018 10:00 am
September 16, 2018 12:00 pm
Gortinessy School B&B, Gortinessy, County Donegal, Ireland   View map

This one-day workshop is designed so that you can access the warrior inside you. The warrior that is often suppressed by limiting beliefs, judgements, and doubts. Now its time to awaken the warrior within so you can be yourself, strive for your goals, and lead a confident life.

Throughout this course you will have opportunities to get outside your comfort zone. Doing so will give you insights to what is holding you back and what is keeping your Inner Warrior down. With this knowledge you will be able to give back the power, wisdom, and permission your Inner Warrior needs to shine.

Who is this Course for?

Awaken the Warrior Within is for men and women who want change in their lives. It is for people who know they have more potential but just can’t seem to access it.

Please note that the Warrior Within is not about being macho, gung-ho, and full of ego. It is much subtler, and empowering than that. Your Inner Warrior is the true you. Your authentic-self.

When you Awaken the Warrior Within, you will have a greater understanding of yourself. You will have more knowledge, insight, and wisdom, thus enabling you to live the life you want and deserve.

What happens at Awaken the Warrior Within?

We have several High Impact Empowerment Activities that you will get to experience during the day and evening. Between the Activities we will have group conversations, periods of guided reflection, and inspired insights.

We like to keep these activities as a surprise. This will disrupt your thinking and behaviour throughout the day, which in turn will give you better access to your Inner Warrior.

You will have fun, you will get outside your comfort zone, and you will leave like a new person. You will connect with your emotions, your vulnerabilities, and your strength. At the end of this course you will leave like a new person. An unstoppable force.

*All activities are challenge by choice. Participation is strongly encouraged although you will still learn and grow even if you do not participate in all the activities.

11 Key Learnings

  1. A Warrior acts; a fool reacts.
  2. Old mentalities, past experiences, and future thinking define our limitations
  3. Fear creates restlessness and anxiety, and contributes to a lack of peace within our current reality
  4. Pay attention. A busy mentality prevents us from experiencing the moment
  5. Stop defining experiences as successes or failures
  6. You are not your thoughts
  7. Others shower us with limitations. Are they true and should we accept them?
  8. Everything has a purpose, find it.
  9. Stop limiting your future by saying, “What if I can’t do it?”
  10. Wanting leads to suffering
  11. You control you.  Master you.

When is it?

Awaken the Warrior Within is on Saturday 15th 2018, starting at 10.00am and ending at midnight. The next day we will continue with our work and the course will be complete by noon.

Accommodation is provided on the Saturday night and if you would like to arrive on Friday please let us know, this is easily arranged.

Where is it?

Gortinessy School House, Pettigo, County Donegal, Ireland.  The School House is now modern and retains all the old and attractive features of the original building that dates from before 1800.  It is in a stunningly beautiful area and we are sure you will find the surroundings peaceful and perfect for this course.

How much is it?

Awaken the Warrior Within costs £125 per person and includes all training and resources, accommodation on Saturday night, and meals.

Awaken the Warrior Within



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