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Firewalk Instructor Training October 2018


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October 17, 2018
October 22, 2018
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The Firewalk Instructor Training Course is the most powerful personal development course that you could undertake while also qualifying you to run Firewalking Events. The Firewalk Instructor Training Course will be delivered by International Firewalking Master Stephen Brown

It’s an education

After completing the Firewalk Instructor Training, FIT, you are able to deliver Firewalks for events, charities and businesses. You will also be able to teach people how to walk on broken glass, bend rebar with their throats, break boards and bricks with their bare hands and much more. You will also learn about marketing and business as well as media skills related to Firewalking. Our students get their whole investment for the FIT back on the first Firewalk for the public that they do after their FIT.

Why do you want to complete the Firewalking Instructor Training Course?

Becoming a Firewalking Instructor is an important decision. It changes your life. Not only the knowledge you will learn, but maybe even more because it changes the way you think about yourself and thereby how others see you. Possibilities become abundant and your decision making qualities sharper. The Firewalk Instructor Training Course is a great addition to your tool box if you are a Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Team Builder, Life Coach, Business Coach or Leader.  Ultimately, it is one of the best, tried and tested, personal development courses on the planet, taken by people such as Anthony Robbins and T Harv Eker.

When is it?

The Firewalk Instructor Training starts on Thursday 17th October at 10.00am and ends on Monday 22nd October at 10.00am.


Gortinessy School House, Pettigo, County Donegal, Ireland.  The School House is now modern but retains all the old and attractive features of the original building that dates from before 1800.  It is in a stunningly beautiful area and we are sure you will find the surroundings peaceful and perfect for the course.

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Cost of course: £2500
Includes training, continuous professional development and coaching, catering, accommodation and airport transfers.
Get in touch if you wish to discuss another payment option

Not sure if this is for you?

Read this article and gain more insight to the Firewalk Instructor Training –

Firewalk Instructor Training October 2018


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