The first Men’s Sweat Lodge of 2017 will take place on Saturday 7th January.

The Sweat Lodge has been practiced for thousands of years by many indigenous tribes and communities all around the world. Every tradition is different in how the Sweat Lodge is built and how the Sweat Lodge ceremony is conducted. It has many names too – Inipi, Temazcal, Sauna Sagrada. Indeed, there is a tradition of Sweat Lodges here in Ireland, although how they were used is now lost in history

This Sweat Lodge Ceremony will be facilitated by Stephen Brown who has been taught and initiated in the tradition of Richard Deertrack, roadman of the Pueblo Indians of Taos New Mexico. During this ceremony will honour the profound and simple rituals of the Pueblos that he was taught.

Stephen works with people through a variety of activities and challenges with all sorts of people and for all sorts of reasons. However, the Sweat Lodge is the one ceremony that has proven to have the deepest healing impact and cleansing.

For indigenous people, the Sweat Lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth. Participants will find a place for purification, liberation, letting go of old patterns and being reborn again. In the warm darkness they will get the opportunity to meet their inner wisdom through visions and prayers. Stepping out of the Sweat Lodge, innocent as a newborn.

The Sweat Lodge teaches us to surrender. To give up rigidity, resistance, judgment, arrogance, defensiveness and hostility. The small aspects of ourselves.

Often the Sweat Lodge opens up a deep spiritual experience. Its very common that participants afterwards express that they felt a direct contact with the Great Mystery.

In almost every sweatlodge at least one person will have a major psychological breakthrough. They can see aspects and persons in their life’s history in totally a new light.

It is common that several participants get a much deeper connection to their visions and goals in life. Understanding their priorities in a more holistic way.

The Men’s Sweat Lodge will be held at Gortinessy School House Pettigo. The School House is now modern but retains all the old and attractive features of the original building that dates from before 1800. It is in a stunningly beautiful area where you can completely unwind and relax.

The Sweat Lodge experience costs £75 per person and includes supper
Accommodation costs £35 per person for B&B

Please get in touch if you would really like to attend but it is not financial possible . Money should not get in the way of anyone who wants to take part in this beautiful ceremony – together we will find a way 🙂

Mens Sweat Lodge



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Mens Sweat Lodge

Sweat Lodge and Accommodation, Sweat Lodge Only

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