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A Digital Treasure Hunt will super-charge your Team, give them a huge amount of fun, and make a positive impact on the people living and working in the area. Let’s create memories and bring your Team closer together.

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A Digital Treasure Hunt will give your Team 4 hours of fun, excitement, laughter, and a nice level of competition. Afterwards the winners are announced while each Team’s photos are displayed on a big screen.  

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What happens?

During your Digital Treasure Hunt participants will find a series of hidden items and locations via a series of clues, challenges and tasks.

Each Team is wholly responsible for how they plan and complete the Digital Treasure Hunt.

The Teams will compete against each other and the clock. Scores are tallied and the winners announced while viewing all the digital photographs on a big screen.

Bonus points are awarded according to the “creativity” of the solution as well as on the safe return of “valuable” items.

Each Team is provided with a team pack including Top Secret Tools that will enable them to solve the puzzles and find new clues.

There is a Social Impact within the Digital Treasure Hunt and the participants will get to display their creative thinking when it comes to giving back to the local community.

This involves interacting with the public as well as local businesses.

We ran the Digital Treasure hunt around Dublin City Centre and to say it was a success is an understatement. I’ve never seen such a large group give it their all, get behind their teams and work so hard to win. The afternoon was full of hilarity, speed, high energy and wit.
Anne-Marie Cunningham

Some of the highlights

By booking a Digital Treasure Hunt for your Team you are going to give them the best “out of office” day yet!

Teams compete against each other to find answers to clues or complete tasks throughout the city centre or venue.

Photographs are used to evidence answers (and provide a great memento of the day)

You’ll be surprised by how much fun come from the creative thinking that each Team embraces.

Presentation of all photos to the teams at the end of the hunt creates lots of laughter and banter

Time and time again we are told that it was “the best fun we’ve had in a long time!” 

Digital Treasure hunt FAQ’s

What Cities is the Digital Treasure Hunt Available in?

Digital Treasure Hunts are available anywhere in the world. We started in Belfast and Dublin and have since provided Digital Treasure Hunts in London, Edinburgh, Marrakech, and numerous other cities.

How many people can take part in the Digital Treasure Hunt?

There are no limitations on the numbers. The format might change slightly and we might need more time or an alternative scoring system and we will guide you on that. The sky’s the limit!

What happens with the photographs?

We will send you the photos via DropBox after your event and you can use them as you will. Some companies have made a big deal of this and used them for Birthday Cards and Display Boards in the office.

Can we use our phones instead of Digital Cameras?

This is possible although it brings a whole new dynamic to the scoring and collection of photographs. You would be best to chat this through with us.

What if you have never done a Digital Treasure Hunt where we are?

That is no problem. We have ways and means of putting this together remotely and we will double check everything in person the day before your event.

How long will it take?

Most Digital Treasure Hunts last 4 hours in total and we can make the event shorter or longer to suit your needs.


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