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Firewalking International provide world class Firewalking Events, Fundraising Events, Empowerment Seminars and Team Building Events across the globe.

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Our workshops, seminars, events and retreats all have two things in common – empowering the participants and allowing them the opportunity to connect with who they really are

Corporate Events

World Class Events and Retreats for you and your Team Guaranteed to make a lasting impact in their work and personal lives

Fundraising Events

If you want to raise the profile of your charity, raise lots of money and give your supporters a life changing event this is for you

The Adventure of Silence

This is your chance to really unplug and get off the grid in a truly amazing location. A three day retreat in rural Donegal


Corporate Events

We can give you a high impact and life changing event for your Team!

Charity Events

We can provide you with an exciting event that will raise a lot of money.

Personal Development

Our retreats are guaranteed to ground you and change your life forever.

Instructor Training

We train the best Firewalk Instructors on the planet


Join one of our Retreats and prepare to get to know yourself better.

Firewalk School

Our Firewalking School is for those who are ready to take their life to a new level

Want to start a Firewalking Business and Change Lives?

Mongolia Retreat 2018

This is going to be the adventure of a lifetime.
This is YOUR chance to switch off, unwind, relax and recharge! And all that you need to do is say “YES” and book your place

Join us for 12 days in Mongolia and visit the Legendary Gobi Desert & Mystical Khangai Mountains. We will visit Ulaanbaatar, Gobi Gurvan Saikhan National Park, Khongor Sand dunes, the Bayanzag red flaming cliffs, the Ongi temple ruin, Orkhon valley and Kharakhorum. And there’s more…


You will have plenty of opportunities to unwind, relax and recharge. Enjoy the sunsets and sunrises, workshops and songs by the fire. This is a time for you!


We have lots of opportunities for you to experience new activities and learn new skills. You can even share some of your skills or knowledge.


With lots of new experiences and workshops available, plus a whole new culture to experience there is so much to explore








Firewalk Instructor Training

The Firewalk Instructor Training Course is a great addition to your tool box if you are a Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Team Builder, Life Coach, Business Coach or Leader. Ultimately, it is one of the best, tried and tested, personal development courses on the planet

Becoming a Firewalking Instructor is an important decision. It changes your life. You will gain new knowledge. It changes the way you think about yourself and in return, how others see you. Possibilities become abundant and your decision making qualities sharper.

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