Glass Walking, in your bare feet, is possibly one of the most therapeutic things we do…

Glass Walking gives people a real opportunity to practise being present, being focused and living in the moment. We will show you and your colleagues exactly how to do it and then you can all have a go. It is an excellent opportunity to become aware of the negative talk in your head and change it from “I can’t” to “I can”.

Why do it?

The benefits of walking on broken glass for you and your team are endless with some of the main benefits being:

Increased confidence
Improved focus
Facing your fears
Challenging limited beliefs

There will also be a very evident boost to team camaraderie.  You will be in awe at the silence in the room as each person walks across the glass and you will feel the tension and the support from everyone as you take your first step.  The cheers when you step off will be just as deafening as the silence.

How long does it last?

As an absolute minimum you should allow 1.5 hours for this event.  The actual time required could be longer though depending on your number and desired outcomes.  Our approach is flexible though and we can usually modify any event to suit the time constraints of your event.

If time is not an issue then we would recommend using the glass walking challenge as an opportunity to really develop your team.  We can use walking on broken glass as a powerful tool for learning:

The importance of being, and remaining, focused
Being aware of how your work impacts others in your team
Working outside of your comfort zones

Anything else I should know?

When people find out that they are about to take part in a glass walking challenge nearly every single one of them will think that there is no way they can do it.  But they can!  Walking on broken glass is all about technique and we will train everyone so that they can do it with ease.

The sense of accomplishment that they feel afterwards will be the chatter of the office for many years to come.  Yes, this activity will have a massive impact on your team.

Got a question?

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