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The Charity Firewalk

Firewalking International provide Charity Firewalks throughout the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Ireland. We will help you plan and execute a Charity Firewalk that will inspire your supporters, volunteers, and donors. They will have a great night and you will raise a lot of money in the process.

With your desire and drive to raise money for your Charity and our Team of Professional Firewalk Instructors, we are sure you will reach your goals.

Charity Firewalk

What you need to know

When people contact us about organising a Charity Firewalk, they are either, individuals who simply want to help a charity out or they work for a Charity. It doesn’t matter which camp you fall in to, deciding to organise a Charity Firewalk can be a big undertaking. Slightly more so, if you are not a direct employee of the Charity or are trained in Fundraising.

There are several key factors that you must consider as you begin planning a Charity Firewalk

What Charity is the Firewalk for?
How much will the Charity Firewalk cost?
Where will I hold the Charity Firewalk?
Who will I get to do the Charity Firewalk?
How much will they need to Fundraise?
How much money can be raised?
Is there anything else I need to know?

What Charity is the Firewalk for?

Usually, before you reach this stage (reading our website) you will have decided what Charity you want to benefit from the Firewalk. You have been inspired to show your support to that Charity for a particular reason or reasons. And you have set yourself the mission of helping them raise money to support their services. Or, you work for the Charity and it is your role to raise awareness and funds.

If, for some reason, you are reading this, and you haven’t decided who to raise the money for, the call is totally yours. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your friends and family for suggestions. At least one person will have a Charity close to their heart that deserves a financial and morale boost.

Some Charity Firewalks are arranged to benefit more than one Charity. And from time to time, two or three charities will work together as none of them are big enough (on their own) to pull the event off. That is fine too. Whatever works for you will work for us.

How much will the Charity Firewalk cost?

As a ballpark figure, you are looking at a cost in and around £2500, or the Euro equivalent. We have a very informative set of Guidelines on the cost of a Charity Firewalk which you should read. Of course, these are only guideline costs but at least they give you a rough idea of what you should expect.

Read our Guideline costs for a Charity Firewalk

When you get through the rest of these factors you should give us a call or send a message and we can confirm a price for you.

Where will I hold the Charity Firewalk?

We can provide a Charity Firewalk for you at a venue of your choice. Anywhere in the UK, Ireland or further afield if that is what you need. In our experience, holding the Firewalk somewhere close to your supporters works best.

Some of the factors to consider when deciding where to hold the Firewalk are:

Training Room

All of your brave volunteers get an hour of private training in the hour prior for the Firewalk. It is very important that the venue provides a private room, large enough for everyone to sit together. The Firewalk Training is very important as we use this time to brief the group, set the scene and prepare them for their Firewalk.

Firewalk Area

We need somewhere outside for the Firewalk. Car Parks are ideal locations for the Firewalk. That said, we have done Firewalks on all sorts of surfaces, gravel, grass, concrete, and tarmac. Beaches are a big no-no though. Indoor Firewalks are possible too but they take a lot more time to organise and resource, so the costs go up. The main thing is that we know in advance what the area is like.

There are several other considerations about choosing your venue which you can read about here:

Choosing a Venue for a Firewalk

Typical venues include schools, hotels, and sports clubs. Any fees associated with this will need to be negotiated between your and the venue – sometimes this will be sponsored by the venue. We will of course conduct a risk assessment and make sure the venue is suitable.

Who will I get to do the Firewalk?

Recruiting a Team of People to take part in your Firewalk can be the biggest challenge for the organiser. Sometimes it can be really easy and other times it seems as if you are the only person who knows this is a great idea.

It is important you get your message out there and that should be as emotive as possible. Having some sort of marketing plan is very helpful. We will support you through this and will provide you with images that you can use to promote your Charity Firewalk. Social Media is great, and we will share your story on our channels. Best of all, get out and speak to people. Tell them what you are doing and ask for their help. You will be surprised to see how effective this is.

These articles will also prove helpful:

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How much will they need to Fundraise

Most Firewalks set a Fundraising Target of £100 for each person taking part. Occasionally this has been lower because the Charity are more interested in creating an engaging community event that raises their profile. Other times, a much higher target will be set. You know what you are trying to achieve and who you want to recruit so you are best placed to make this decision.

We recommend asking people for a deposit to confirm their place. This reduces the chance of people saying they will take part to keep you happy and then pull out on you at the last minute. Even if they do pull out, at least you have their deposit to cover the cost of the place they took.

You might also want to make things easier by using a Fundraising Platform such as Just Giving.

How much money can be raised?

The sky’s the limit on this one. Most Charity Firewalks raise at least £5000 after costs and some raise over £10,000.

This article will give you some idea – Will a Charity Firewalk make money? 

For some motivation, you should read about how these guys raised over £22K 

Is there anything I need to know?

Typically, you should plan a 6-week lead-in but if you have plenty of supporters who are already keen, you can do this in a much shorter period.

Depending on numbers, you should be planning 2 hours for your event. This will give you 1 hour for the Training at the start and another hour for the participants to complete the Firewalk.

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