Best Venues for Charity Firewalks

by | Apr 18, 2018

If you are organising a Charity Firewalk for the first time you will have lots of questions. That’s why we have created so many posts designed to help you organise a Charity Firewalks. This post is inspired by a very popular question. What are the best venues for Charity Firewalks?

Before I give you some examples, I am going to explain some of the things you need to look out for when choosing a venue.

Outdoor Space for the Firewalk

The best venues for Charity Firewalks always have a good outdoor space where we can build and light the Fire for the Firewalk. We will provide you with guidance on the space to make sure it is safe and large enough for your expected number of Firewalk participants and spectators. We will also take you through a comprehensive site evaluation so that you and the venue owner are satisfied with its suitability. Of course, that also means that we are satisfied with its suitability.

We have a blog post coming in a few days dedicated to choosing the space for a Charity Firewalk and we will go into this in much more detail.

Indoor Space for the Firewalk Preparation

The best venues for Charity Firewalks also have an indoor area where we can train and prepare the participants for the Firewalk. Most Charity Firewalks in the UK and Ireland need to take changeable weather conditions into consideration.

While it is great to prepare the group outside beside the Fire, this is not so much fun when the weather isn’t so favourable. Can you imagine trying to prepare a group in cold, wet and windy conditions? It just doesn’t work. Instead of being focused on the training, most people become distracted by the weather and that just won’t do.

The indoor space ideally should be private and have seats for the all the participants. We say private because it means it is much better to only have those who will be Firewalking in the room. Having spectators there can become a distraction. And we prefer it is seated as people will be more comfortable and therefore in a better position to take in what we are saying.

So, that’s the two main components of choosing a venue for your Charity Firewalk. But what are the best venues for Charity Firewalks? Well, we need to give you a bit more advice before we get to that…

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A word of warning

Quite often, pubs are chosen as the venue and although they work, sometimes they are not ideal. In fact, sports clubs and hotels can sometimes fall into this category and as the organiser, it is just something you need to consider.

Venues that have bars in them are great if you are planning an after party. But they also can become a distraction for the Firewalk participants. It is our policy that people should not drink alcohol before a Firewalk. When people turn up early and their nerves are starting to kick in, the temptation of a quick drink at the bar can almost become too much.

A few years back we did a Charity Firewalk at the back of a pub. It was part of a festival and the pub had an outdoor bar set-up for that night. We nearly cancelled that Firewalk part way through because some people thought it was ok to just walk off during the training and get a drink. They were so distracted by the bar and trying to get a drink that we were worried for their safety.

The training and preparation before a Firewalk is very important. If people miss some of that training there is a good chance the night will not turn out as they planned.

The Best Venues for Charity Firewalks are….

We have worked in all sorts of venues over the years and generally find that most are suitable, and some are absolutely perfect. Some of the best venues for Charity Firewalks have been:

  • Sport Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Community Centres
  • Schools

All these venues work well as they can provide a dedicated room to prepare the Firewalkers and they usually have a car park for the Firewalk itself.

Of course, running a Charity Firewalk at your own premises is always a good option.

Finally, if you need help choosing a venue for your Charity Firewalk we will help you. We can even recommend venues in your area if we have already led Firewalks in that area. Together, we will make it happen!

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