Firewalking: When East Meets West

by | Jun 18, 2019

We are excited to be co-leading a Firewalk Instructor Training Course, on the beautiful island of Bali, with Brother Kuna, this September. And it’s going to be an unpreceded East meets West, Firewalking and Empowerment experience.

We have worked with Bro Kuna in the USA, Singapore, Indonesia, including Bali, previously. It has always been so much fun, and incredibly interesting – the man has life experiences in abundance. His unique perspectives on Firewalking, Empowerment, and Life, enrich the lives of all the people he works with.

So, we thought we would catch up with him and share a little bit on his background.

When and where did you do your first Firewalk? And who was it with?

I first Firewalked in year 2002 in Malaysia during a leadership breakthrough training retreat. It was with a networking company. I was totally awed by the experience and the breakthroughs were many.

What made you do it?

I have a long interest in experiential trainings, and had known about Firewalking from watching Hindu and Buddhist faith Firewalks. Aside from faith, I believe there is a natural process in all humans to want to explore, experience and expand. It is human nature. It is part of human evolution. That aspect, to explore and experience, was and is ever, strong within. The invitation to Firewalk was irresistible.

When and where did you complete your training to become a Firewalk Instructor? 

I scouted for a facility that offered personalised and small group Firewalking seminars and eventually located Eight Directions AB operating from a farm in Linderod, Sweden. I attended the Firewalking Instructor Training (FIT) in 2009.

In 2012, I completed my Master Firewalk Instructor Training in the district of the Turialba Volcano in Costa Rica 

How do you work with Firewalking and the other Empowerment Activities? 

Most of our programs are designed for consciousness expansion. This involves breakthrough trainings for self-discovery. Meditation, self-awareness, and mindfulness sessions are included. The lessons are directed towards transformation.

Students are given opportunities to realise that they are amazing creations not fully aware of their true nature and potential powers. This includes awareness of the body-mind working relationship. Firewalking is one of the tools used in this area. Other empowerment activities are also used as a build-up to the firewalk or used separately for motivation, confidence building and healing sessions.

Fire is not a technical subject, it is a dimension of energy not fully comprehended by humans.

What is the one skill you think every Firewalk Instructor needs to apply? And why?

The skill of putting Firewalkers at ease during the Firewalk program is paramount, in my opinion. For this to happen, an important factor will be to ensure that Firewalkers are given adequate knowledge and understanding of Firewalking.

On a technical setting, a Firewalk Instructor must have a complete understanding of safety skills and risk management. They must ensure that all aspects of safety are in place, especially in the Firewalking zone.

The emphasis on safety cannot be understated. Fire can harm and must be approached with care, not only for Firewalkers but also to the environment. The repercussions can be massive and devastating.

What has been your most challenging moment as a Firewalk Instructor?

The challenges are many. Meeting safety requirements and complying with fire and municipal authorities are very much on the top. Obtaining suitable insurance cover was up there as well.

When working with Event Organisers, ensure that they don’t decide how you ought to run the firewalk. They even tried to become the Firewalk facilitator and spill out instructions to firewalkers. Watch out. That was a rare one. Be in control.

What drew you to this line of work and what keeps you practicing?

I believe that we are all spiritual beings having arrived here on planet earth to help each other experience the full spectrum of human dimensions and bring out the best in each on of us. And from this experience, to guide each other to higher levels of consciousness.

If we can identify this aspect at some time through our human journey and be able to touch other lives, I strongly believe that there is a meaningful and purposeful work to rise up to each morning.

What would you want to share about the craft of Firewalk Facilitation to someone just starting out?

An instructor must know his/her personal power. This allows her/him to exercise a greater latitude of confidence in what he/she speaks. Most instructors lack knowledge that goes with working with the fire element. In ancient traditions, fire was always worked by the shaman or priest who is seen as the link between humans and the spirit elements.

Fire is not a technical subject, it is a dimension of energy not fully comprehended by humans. Whilst it can be a good servant, it can also be a ruthless force destroying everything in its path. Taking time to understand and connect with this pervading energy will offer greater control and ease when facilitating.


We are really looking forward to working with Brother Kuna again, and if you have an opportunity to do the same, we highly recommend it.

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