Aalok Sood: Working with Fire and the mind

by | Jul 28, 2019

Introducing Aalok Sood and how he works with Fire and the Mind

Here at Firewalking International we like to support and promote other Firewalk Instructors and Firewalking Companies. There are so many doing great work with their clients. They are innovative, compassionate, and are creating ripples across the globe.

One such Firewalk Instructor is Aalok Sood who lives and works in New Delhi, India. To his credit, Aalok has worked with thousands of graduates from B Schools to Defence Officers and HR Professionals of Developing Nations. His programmes include interactive sessions on Management, Personality Assessment/Development, skills for Group Discussions, Personal Interviews, Group Tasking, Case Studies, Presentations and Public Dynamic Speaking.

We were delighted to catch up with Aalok and find out a little bit more about his background, experience and how he works as a Firewalk Instructor.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I am a Colonel from the Elite Indian Army. I have served for 26 years plus. On the Educational front, I hold both a double Bachelor’s and a double Masters Degrees. I am an International Master Trainer (Directive Communication Psychology) and an Associate Life and Business Coach.

I am a Spiritual Practitioner and a Spiritualist. So on the Intuitive and Predictive Domain, I practice The Tarot, Angels, and Lenormand Cards. I am a Runes Reader, Crystal Ball Gazer, Numerologist, Energy Reader, Eyes Face Body Language Professional.

Furthermore, I am a Switchwords and Management Professional. And I am proud to say that I am an Empowering Leadership and Firewalk Instructor.

When and where did you first Firewalk? Who was it with?

I first walked the fire at the Sisters of Solace where Kerry, Karina, and Kevin were conducting the ELFIT Training through Tolly Burkan’s School of Firewalking. We also spoke to Tolly Burkan, albeit, through the digital mode. It was at this time that I completed my Firewalk Instructor Training.

What made you want to train as a Firewalk Instructor?

Deep within, I always wanted to understand how the MIND can be enhanced for its powers. Firewalking was a big challenge that always existed within me. As such, I was to visit the USA in 2016 along with my Intuitive and Predictive Sciences GURU. Together we had thought of learning this domain of enhancing ‘The Powers of the Mind!’ I did go through the Certification of being an EL & FIT Instructor and due to some unavoidable circumstances, unfortunately, she could not!!

Aalok Sood is a friend, coach, mentor, and counsellor to many who have reposed faith in his abilities to transform many a lives that have come in contact with him.

What drew you to this line of work and what keeps you practising?

I am a strong believer that it is the MIND of an individual that needs to be at its best. All else does follow in life. Thus, as I was already in to Spiritual Practices and was following a lot of varied domain activities, I was drawn in to this line. The opportunity came my way and I grasped it with both my hands.

How do you work with Firewalking and other activities?

In my corporate programmes and also private groups, whenever programmes on “Enhancement of the Power of the Mind” are to be conducted, Firewalking and its allied activities – Trust Fall; Arrow Breaking; Steel Bar Bending; Wooden Board (With Fire) Breaking; Walking on Broken Glass (bare feet), become my focus.

Also, when I do ‘Human Software’, which I have drawn from Indian Scriptures (The Vedas), there is a definite need of converting what we read, teach; in to practice sessions.

The activities inclusive of Firewalking, thus becomes, very, very important. These are most challenging activities of the MIND to be fearless, in fact they can drive the myth of FEAR away from the THOUGHTS!!

What has been your most challenging moment as a Firewalk Instructor?

The most challenging aspect has been in moulding the mind-sets and “Making the Weak Hearted Strong enough” to walk the fire on their own!! Getting them motivated enough, to do it on their own without anyone else’s support!!

What is one skill you think every Firewalk Instructor needs to apply?

They need to be ‘Good Humans” so as to understand those whom they are targeting, are, and have the possibility to be, strong in the MIND!

What would you want to share about the craft of Firewalk Facilitation to someone just starting out?

Well, I would tell the newcomers that ‘It is all in the Mind!” As William Shakespeare also said, “Thoughts Maketh the Man!”

Firewalk Instructors need to be in flow; and guide one and all towards strengthening their minds, for all times to come.


We wish Aalok and his many clients all the best for the future and will continue to follow his work with admiration and respect.

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