Firewalk Instructor Training


Firewalk Instructor Training

The Firewalk Instructor Training Course is the most powerful Personal Development and Professional Training Course that you can undertake. Upon successful completion of the Firewalk Instructor Training you will be a Firewalking International Certified Firewalk Instructor.

You will have the experience and skills to lead Firewalks and other High Impact Empowerment Activities. This Firewalk Instructor Training Course will be delivered by International Firewalk Master Trainers James Hunt and Stephen Brown.

The Firewalk Instructor Training Course is an Education

Throughout your Firewalk Instructor Training Course you learn the techniques required to teach people how to Firewalk, Break Boards and Bricks, Glass Walk, Bend Rebar, Snap Arrows and much more. You will also learn how these High Impact Empowerment Activities can be incorporated into your work, new business, or existing business.

Firewalk Instructor Training

What you need to know

If you are reading this there is a very high chance that you already know why you want to complete the Firewalk Instructor Training Course. You might also know about the new skills you will learn and how you will use them in your work. That said, it is likely that you are doing some research to find the best Firewalk Instructor Training Course for you.

Some common questions people want answered before they commit to training with us are:

How long is the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?
Where is the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?
How good is the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?
Should I do the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?
What opportunities are available after the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?
What is the cost of the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?

How long is the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?

Before we answer this, you need to know something. It is our mission to Train the Best Firewalk Instructors and we take that mission very seriously.

With that in mind, our Firewalk Instructor Training Course lasts 5 days. You can find 4-day courses if you like but there are huge advantages from an extra day. At Firewalking International, you get more training and consolidation of the skills and techniques that you learn. That’s the only way we can make sure you leave the training empowered and ready to lead your first Firewalk.

Read this to find out about the advantages of a 5-day Firewalk Instructor Training Course and how we train the Best Firewalk Instructors.

Of course, that leads on to…

When is the next Firewalk Instructor Training Course?

The next Firewalk Instructor Training is in 2024, starting on Thursday 19th September at 10.00am and ends late on Monday 23rd September. You are best to arrive on Wednesday 18th September in the evening and depart on Tuesday 24th September after breakfast.

We will assist you with airport transfers from Belfast and Dublin. If you need help with visas we will help you with that too. We can also help you plan an extended stay if you want to explore the Emerald Isle.

Where is the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?

At present our Firewalk Instructor Training Courses are in rural County Down, Northern Ireland. We are close to the seaside town of Newcastle and have the beautiful backdrop of the Mourne Mountains with beautiful forests and trails. We are surrounded by beautiful and wild countryside.

You will be staying in self-catering cottages with wonderful views of the mountains and forests from your front door. You won’t need to think about the catering – we manage that for you.

How good is the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?

As previously mentioned, we take out mission to train the best Firewalk Instructors very seriously. This is made possible because of the extensive knowledge that is freely shared by your trainers.

Other factors such as small groups and structured training really add to the high quality of this Firewalk Instructor Training Course. And the fact that the training venue is where you eat and sleep ensure you get over 60 hours of world class training.

We can also put you in contact with any of our former students. They are all more than willing to talk about their experience and how good the course was.

What you can expect from us

Following on from that it makes sense to let you know what you can expect from us.

  • Training from some of the most experienced Firewalk and Empowerment Trainers in the world.
  • A detailed training process towards becoming an all-round and insightful Firewalk Instructor and Master Firewalk Instructor.
  • We will work with you to explore the deeper ideas to be found within Firewalking.
  • Access to our support network of trainers, practitioners, and alumni throughout and after your training.
  • You will have access to our full set of resources to give you everything you need to start your Firewalking journey with guidance along the way.

How Good are the Trainers?

This is a very special Firewalk Instructor Training Course as it will be led by Master Firewalk Instructors who have trained and worked with all the major Firewalking Schools including F.I.R.E., Eight Directions, The Firewalking Centre, Firewalking UK, and Firewalking International. 

Never before has there been such experience and knowledge offered to new Firewalk Instructors. The combined experience of James Hunt and Stephen Brown is unrivalled and guarantees you the best training ever available.

Should you do the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?

This is a question that only you can answer. Many people do this Course because they want to experience the High Impact Empowerment Activities on offer. They know that there is great learning to be had. That’s why the Firewalk Instructor Training Course is taken by Business Leaders, Sports Coaches, Life Coaches and Well Being Professionals.

Other people train as Firewalk Instructors because they see the business opportunities available to them. These people want to use their new qualification in their work, new business, or existing business. Either way, the course is available to anyone and only you know if it’s the course for you.

We have written some posts that can help you work out if you should do the Firewalk Instructor Training Course.

Who the Firewalk Instructor Training Course isn’t a good fit for

Career Paths and Business Opportunities for Firewalk Instructors

You should also read about what people expect from their Firewalk Instructor.

What opportunities are available after the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?

Regardless of whether you want to lead Firewalks joining the Firewalk Instructor Training Course is a big decision. It changes your life.

Learning to lead Firewalks and High Impact Empowerment Activities is only part of it. You will gain lots of knowledge about yourself and in doing so, you will change how look at yourself. In turn, this will change how people look at you. You will walk tall, brimming with confidence. You might notice that you are more passionate and compassionate. Possibilities become abundant and your decision-making qualities sharper.

Of course, there are the business opportunities that become available to you too. The Firewalk Instructor Training Course is a powerful addition to your tool box if you are a Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Team Builder, Life Coach, Business Coach or Leader.  It is one of the best, tried and tested, personal development courses on the planet and it keeps getting better.

Here’s another few posts that expand on the business opportunities available to you when you become a Firewalking International Certified Professional Firewalk Instructor.

What happens after Firewalk Instructor Training

Tips for starting a Firewalking Business

There are additional training opportunities available for you at The Business of Firewalking – ask us for more details. Here you can take a variety of courses that will help you create and grow an impactful Firewalking Business. Or you could take it a step further and join our license programme, making you an official Firewalking International Licensed Partner.

How much is the Firewalk Instructor Training Course?

Here at Firewalking International it costs £1750 to train as a Firewalk Instructor and we can offer payment plans if necessary. The remarkable thing is that you can make that money back with 1 or 2 events so it’s a great investment.

It’s also worth remembering, this course will change your life and it’s hard to put a price on that. If you aren’t convinced, you should read this post which highlights what you get for your money.

Accommodation and catering is a further £450 for the 6 nights.

Are you ready to become a Firewalk Instructor?

We hope you said YES! You won’t regret it.

Please refer to our Events Page for all upcoming Firewalk Instructor Training Courses –

Each Firewalk Instructor Training Course is limited to 20 participants and we usually have people flying in from all around the world.


Train as a Firewalk Instructor and watch your life Transform