What Happens After Firewalk Instructor Training?

by | Apr 5, 2018

Before we begin, I need to be clear, this post does not examine the exact ins and outs of what people do after Firewalk Instructor Training. It’s more of a loose summary and hopefully it offers some reassurance to those who have completed their training and aren’t too sure what they are going to do with their new skills. Read this blog post to discover some of the ways your can incorporate Firewalking into your new or existing business: https://firewalkhq.com/types-firewalk-instructors

Back to it, what do people do after Firewalk Instructor Training? People usually fall into one of four categories after they complete their Training. And although I am sure you are chomping at the bit to know what they are, I need to explain something first.

Anyone that trains as a Firewalk Instructor goes through a massive and often life-changing 5 days. They acquire new insights, wisdom, skills, and maturity that filters into their personal and work-life. I can say that based on my own experience and I have been told that countless times by those who have completed the Firewalk Instructor Training Course. This development and change will be with that person for the rest of their life, no matter what they do.

It is also worth noting that sometimes people come on the Firewalk Instructor Training Course with a plan. They are doing this course because they have a business plan that involves Firewalking. As the course unfolds, that person gains new insights and It is not uncommon for that plan to take a change of course. We have seen this happen quite often and the person is much happier with their new plan.

Now, back to the question at hand …

What do people do after Firewalk Instructor Training?

It might seem a bit strange, but it is the same after every Firewalk Instructor Training Course. There are those who never lead a Firewalk, those who assist at Firewalks, those who use some or all the empowerment activities they learn (excluding Firewalks) and those who go full tilt into delivering Firewalking Events.

Let’s have a look at these and get a bit of a better understanding to why there is such a different range of outcomes.

“The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.”
Stephen Hawking

Those who never lead a Firewalk

There are people who have never led a Firewalk after Firewalk Instructor Training, and nor do they introduce people to the other Empowerment Activities that they learn. Often, these people never actually planned to use the activities in that way.

There are a lot of people that do the Firewalk Instructor Training Course for personal development and no other reason. And there are those, like some motivational speakers, coaches, and trainers, that do the course as it gives them great content for their talks and training programs. These people will often work in partnership with other Firewalk Instructors and get them to deliver the set-up, managements and take down of the Firewalk.

Those who assist at Firewalks

There are Firewalk Instructors that don’t lead their own Firewalks. They love the Fire, they love to be around it and to be in the energy of everyone there, but they don’t want to lead the Firewalk. They are much happier looking after the Fire while someone else prepares the group.

I always find these Firewalk Instructors are super attentive when it comes to tending the Fire, holding space around the Fire, and looking after the Firewalkers. And it’s always good to work with someone you can depend on for these things.

Those that work with Empowerment Activities

I have met and trained quite a few people that don’t use Firewalking in their work or offerings, but they use some or all the Empowerment Activities that they are trained to deliver. Glass Walking, Board Breaking, Arrow Snapping, and/or Rebar Bending are their tools and they use them with profound effect.

When I have asked why they don’t use Firewalking, I have been told that it is too much work and they can the results they need by using the Empowerment Activities. I get that, the other activities are much more mobile, work well in training rooms and they are very valuable. That’s why we use them a lot at Firewalking International

Those that go full tilt at Firewalking Events

This is far from an official figure, but I would imagine about 10 – 20% of those who Train as Firewalk Instructors, make Firewalking Events a big part of their courses, retreats, or trainings. These are the people that deliver regular Firewalks year after year. And they could be doing 10 – 30 Firewalk Events every year.

These people have worked out how to deliver Firewalks as part of their new or existing business and it becomes a big part of what they do. That’s what happened to us and we are now delivering 30+ Firewalks every year. And we love it!

So, there you have it. A bit more of an insight into what people do after Firewalk Instructor Training. Of course, like everything in life, this is a spectrum and people can, and do, move up and down it according to what is going on in their personal and work lives. And that is what makes it even more interesting!

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