Types of Firewalk Instructors: What type can you be?

by | Apr 6, 2018

Never has the Firewalking profession been any more popular or “hot”. This year alone there are 23 Firewalk Instructor Training Courses happening around the world. Combine that with an ever-increasing openness for personal development and self-improvement, and it’s easy to see why the world is experiencing a boom in the Firewalking Industry.

There is a vast variety when it comes to the type of Firewalk Instructor that you want to be, and I say type loosely. It’s more to do with the area of work you want to be involved in. And, there is a lot of overlap in the areas of work available to Firewalk Instructors.

It is up to you what areas of work you engage, the sort of clients you want to work with and the type of Firewalk Events that you deliver. What I aim to do is make you familiar with the different arenas Firewalk Instructors work in. You might well find that there is an overlap in what you want to do. Most importantly, you can choose which is best suited to you.

What is a Firewalk Instructor?

I have yet to find a definition that concisely explains what a Firewalk Instructor is. The closest I can get is: a Firewalk Instructor is someone who leads Firewalks for people, usually with a developmental or learning aim.

The definition of a Firewalk Instructor can be quite subjective. A Firewalk Instructor can be a Coach, a Teacher, a Mentor, a Guide, an accelerator, or even a Guru… Keeping it simple, a Firewalk Instructor is someone who facilitates a Firewalk, so the participants can move from their current state to the state they want to be at.

It could be that the participants want to work on their career goals, relationships, inner peace, spirituality, confidence, or resilience. The list is endless, and it is the job of the Firewalk Instructor to help the participants to take their vision for the future and manifest it into reality.

In my experience, the best Firewalk Instructors are Coaches at heart. They do not work from a position of authority and rigidity, instead, they are fluid and work with people on an individual level to realise what is possible.

“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” Michelangelo

Why should you become a Firewalk Instructor?

There’s no denying it, being a Firewalk Instructor is not an easy job. You are responsible for the planning and safe execution of a Firewalking Event that could have dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people there.

Not only that, you are responsible for the facilitation of any learning potential for the participants. In many ways, you are responsible for kickstarting new goals and dreams. You might even be responsible for helping them achieve those goals and dreams.

And you are certainly responsible for the well being of each and every participant while they are in your care. The responsibility is huge, and it is not abnormal for one to get overwhelmed by it.

However, if you love this kind of responsibility and you are the sort of person that wants to be in the service of others, then you should become a Firewalk Instructor. A Firewalk Instructor gets to share and experience many life-changing and beautiful moments with lots of different people. And a Firewalk Instructor often has a smile on their face because they know they are making a positive contribution to society and the world. That is hard to beat!

How to become a Firewalk Instructor?

Just get started! As previously mentioned, there are 23 Firewalk Instructor Training Courses taking place around the world in 2018. We are providing two of these courses in Ireland and you can find the details here:

What type of Firewalk Instructor do you want to be?

Now we are getting to the good stuff. What type of Firewalk Instructor do you want to be?

Chances are, you already know which area of Firewalk Instructing aligns the most with you. Possibly because you have been to a Firewalk and the Instructor leading that event inspired and motivated you. In this guide, I am going to show you 9 of the hottest Firewalk Instructor niches. If your inner Firewalk Instructor is congruent with any of these then you know what you must do.

“If you don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion.” Mia Hamm

What are the different types of Firewalk Instructor?

Remember, these are the current 9 hottest areas that Firewalk Instructors are working in. Many Firewalk Instructors overlap into 2 or more other categories. Don’t worry if you don’t see one that fits for you, there are plenty of others out there. And if you can’t see one to model, create your own!

Corporate Focused Firewalk Instructors

This is easily one of the most profitable and hottest areas for Firewalk Instructors to work in. It can involve working at Executive Levels, or it could be more in the overall Team Development. It ties in very nicely with professional speaking.

What is key is that you have insights, knowledge, and skills to share. There is a demand for Corporate Firewalks but only if you can add value and bring something unique and to the table. If you can create a professional Firewalking Business that delivers results, you will have no shortage of clients.

Youth Focused Firewalk Instructors

Of all areas that Firewalk Instructors work in, this is possibly one of the smallest niches. These Firewalk Instructors are working with young people and children, even though many Firewalk Instructors are against the idea. But just because some people are against it, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work or it isn’t needed.

There are more and more Firewalk Instructors working specifically with young people. They are carving out a new market and getting fantastic results. Check out www.tori.nl for a fitting example.

Life Coaching Focused Firewalk Instructors

A lot of Firewalk Instructors are also Life Coaches, and it works really well. These Firewalk Instructors combine Firewalking with helping people get to where they want to be. They will take their clients by the hand and stay with them until they move past where they are stuck.

Today, people are actively looking for ways and people (Firewalk Instructors and Coaches) to help them change their lives. And if you know you can help people do this, then you really need to become a Firewalk Instructor.

Relationship Focused Firewalk Instructors

There is a steady rise in Firewalk Instructors specialising in working with couples and those who want to improve their relationships. There is even research that shows the connection between two people when they walk across the fire – both heart rates rise at the same time.

This is for you if you are motivated to help people in their current relationship or to develop the confidence and courage to start a new relationship.

Family Focused Firewalk Instructors

It is common for Firewalk Instructors that are Relationship or Youth Focused to also work with Families. These Firewalk Instructors are passionate about helping families work, live, and play together in greater harmony. They help families creat beautiful moments and lasting memories.

This is the most niche area for Firewalk Instructors and suitable for those who committed to helping families.

“You can do anything as long as you have the passion, the drive, the focus, and the support.” Sabrina Bryan

Wellness Focused Firewalk Instructors

Do you want to help people lead healthier lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally? Do you have personal experience, training or skills that can help with this? This could be the one for you!

There are many Firewalk Instructors that work in the realms of wellness, physical and mental. These Firewalk Instructors are passionate about helping people navigate the obstacles on their way to better mental and physical health. And there is more and more demand for this area of expertise.

Spiritual Firewalk Instructors

It almost goes without saying, Spirituality is hugely important for many Firewalk Instructors. And there are plenty of Firewalk Instructors that only work in a Spiritual setting. These Firewalk Instructors are often Shamans, Spiritual Teachers, Yoga Teachers, or Guides and they are passionate about their work and the people they serve.

To be a Spiritual Firewalk Instructor you need to be 100% committed to your Spiritual Journey and those you serve. It’s a calling.

Performance Focused Firewalk Instructors

Firewalk Instructors working in the field of performance are working with individuals and teams. They combine Firewalking, Coaching and Sports Psychology to help individuals and teams perform at optimal levels.

More and more professional athletes, sports teams and corporates are utilising the services of Firewalk Instructors and the Empowerment Activities they offer. This is a great niche to be in if you have expertise in performance development.

Personal Development Focused Firewalk Instructors

Firewalk Instructors that focus on Personal Development are very closely aligned to those who work in the field of Life Coaching. And Personal Development is a multi-billion-dollar industry

Do you have a passion for helping others? Do you take your own personal development very seriously? Can you help people come out of their perceived low self-worth and limiting beliefs to achieve a higher and more empowered state? If so, you have what it takes to be a Firewalk Instructor specialising in Personal Development.

Are you ready to become a Firewalk Instructor?

Hopefully by now, you have discovered which type, or types, of Firewalk Instructor is the most congruent with you. Perhaps, you already have an existing business and now you know that Firewalking can enhance what you offer you clients.

Either way, you are one step closer to becoming a Firewalk Instructor and that is truly a wonderful thing. Things are clicking in place and the pennies have dropped. A plan is forming and soon you will be able to provide Firewalks that are inspirational and life-changing. You will be able to work with the sort of people that you can be of best service giving them the resources they need to get where they want to be.

Know this! Becoming a Firewalk Instructor will change your life and that of every person you meet.

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