What should I wear for a Firewalk?

by | Apr 7, 2018

Not everyone thinks of it in advance. Some people only think about it when they arrive. But at some stage, most people think to themselves, “what on earth do you wear for a Firewalk?”

Depending upon the time of year or the current climate our answer can differ a little. Generally speaking, you should wear something comfortable and suitable for the weather. We have led Firewalks in very wet, very hot and very cold conditions. Being comfortable is very important.

Of course, the heat from the Fire will warm you, but if you are Firewalking in the middle of winter, lots of warm layers are perfect. On the other hand, if the climate is very warm, you might then have to consider sun protection if you are starting in daylight.

Smoking Hot

No, we are not referring to the outfit you are wearing. Where there is Fire, there is smoke. You need to bare this in mind when you are deciding what to wear for a Firewalk. There is no sense wearing your favorite sweater that you are planning to wear the next day. It will smell of smoke and that might not be agreeable for everyone you meet.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that with Fire you can also get sparks, especially if you are close to the Fire. Now, any good Firewalk Instructor will keep you back if the Fire is sparking, but sparks can fly on the wind, so you are best to avoid wearing flammable materials.

“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.”
Alfred Wainwright

So, what can you wear for a Firewalk?

For below the waist, we recommend wearing clothes that allow you to walk comfortably, without the risk of tripping. Firewalkers are usually encouraged to pull their trousers or skirts up to about their calf level and therefore avoid the risk of clothing dragging along the hot embers.

On that note, cotton or clothing made from natural materials will reduce the risk of clothing catching on fire, in the very unlikely event that it gets too close to the embers. Shell suits or polyester clothing should be avoided as they can combust or even melt if near intense heat.

Your upper attire should, as previously discussed, be appropriate for the weather and climate. And something that you don’t mind smelling of smoke. The smell should wash out, just like any dirt that you may pick up from being outside.

The above recommendations are of course there as guidelines for your comfort and safety.

A Handy Hint!

Once you’ve considered what will be comfortable and safe to wear I would then suggest, especially if you are looking to have your Firewalk captured on film to choose clothing which is either white or light in colour. Wearing all black or dark clothing can look on a photograph as a floating head crossing the coals. Light clothing will certainly give you the best chance of getting a great picture of you walking the coals and giving you a souvenir of the great achievement, you have made.

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