Introducing: Wild Soles Firewalking

by | Aug 16, 2018

We are delighted to introduce Wild Soles Firewalking, which is now located in Boulder, USA. Wild Soles Firewalking is one of our Partner Companies and we love watching how this young Firewalking Business is evolving.

We recently caught up with the owner of Wild Soles Firewalking, Daithi Dubh, to find out how life has changed since he moved from Ireland to the USA. We are sure the weather is that “little” bit warmer and drier but we wanted to know more about what is happening now. And what his plans are for the future.

Tell us about you. How and when did your Firewalking career begin?

Wild Soles Firewalking began after I held an event which involved Stephen from Firewalking International. As well as Firewalking, there was Arrow Breaking, Stick Dancing, and lots more. The thing that grabbed me the most was how everyone involved in the whole process. When I think about back to that event, that is still the thing that sticks out most.

During the Firewalking part of the event, I thought to myself, I really want to do that. I want to introduce people to Firewalking, Arrow Breaking, etc, too, and that was the birth of the idea of Wild Soles Firewalking. And now it’s a reality…..

How long has Wild Soles Firewalking been operational?

Wild Soles Firewalking is still very much in the early stages. It is about a year old at the time of writing. There is one thing about Wild Soles though, we are already international. We have held Firewalks in Ireland with some a planned in the USA and also in Iceland! It’s an exciting time!

Tell us about Wild Soles Firewalking?

Wild Soles is based in Boulder City, NV. USA and we still hold Firewalks in Ireland a few times a year. To be honest I am more than happy to travel anywhere in the USA ,and in fact the world. 

What is your favourite thing about operating Wild Soles Firewalking?

My favorite thing about Wild Soles is the people I meet. It’s also the landscapes I get to see traveling around whichever country I happen to be in.

What has been the most surprising/unexpected thing about operating Wild Soles Firewalking?

The most unexpected thing has to be when the people become absorbed in both the occasion and the landscape. I am constantly amazed when people slow slightly from their hectic lives, how different they become. And, I love being a part of it!!

What’s your favourite story from one of your events?

MY favourite story is from a Firewalking event I was running at Green Hills Farm Stay in Kilconnel, Co. Galway. Ireland. Well, there is two…

The first is: The farmer at Green Hills is called Pat. His 6 daughters all became involved and even completed the Firewalk making my youngest participant 6 years old!!! Whenever I think of that evening it always brings a great big smile to my face.

And the second is the event I held where I was introduced to Firewalking – that was a life changer!!!

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone wanting to start a Firewalking Business?

My biggest piece of advice for anyone wanting to start a Firewalking Business is really to not to worry. When you hold your first Firewalking event a myriad of things will be going through your mind. Breath and let it happen, it will be a great event if you let it be so!


We wish Daithi all the best for the future with Wild Soles Firewalking. We are also looking forward to having him working on the next Firewalk Instructor Training Course in Ireland this October.

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