Firewalking as a Career: food for thought

by | Jul 14, 2019

Are you considering Firewalking as a career? Maybe you are still figuring out if becoming a Firewalk Instructor and Facilitator is a good fit for you? Perhaps you have already completed your training but still aren’t sure what to do with it? Here are some suggestions that should answer most of the common questions we are asked by people starting out in their Firewalking career. They are primarily aimed at readers who are considering a standalone Firewalking Business, adding Firewalking to their existing business or within a training organisation.

Get experience

Get some real-life experience of Firewalking (and the other High Impact Empowerment Activities) before becoming a Firewalk Instructor. This is not compulsory prior to completing your training; however, it will certainly give you a deeper appreciation of:

  • The impact of these activities for the participants.
  • What might be involved and required from the Firewalk Instructor.
  • How they can be used in the context of business and personal training and development.

Read this to know more about High Impact Empowerment Activities –

Do your research

If it is not possible to get real-life experience, do some research online. See how other Firewalk Instructors work with the activities they are trained in. Better still, reach out and ask for advice. We know many Firewalk Instructors who would gladly give you their time. And ask us too.

Consider your financial goals

If the lack of a guaranteed income concerns you, consider a part-time career as a Firewalk Instructor. Or use your new skills to complement and add to your existing business.

Over the years, we have generally been ok when it comes to finances, but we have certainly had periods when work, and billable time, has been quiet. This can also be a blessing and certainly allows opportunity for family time and creativity.

Tap into your contacts

Generally, people are curious about Firewalking, so make sure people you know, know what you are doing and offering. Build up your portfolio and business from there.

Relationships are key

Repeat business and referrals are where you are likely to get most of your work. Of course, promotion on and offline help, but relationships are key. You are more likely to get work from people who know you or know of you.

Remember to say thank you

Always thank the people that make referrals on your behalf. These people obviously love you and your work, otherwise they wouldn’t be telling others about you. A simple thank you can go a long way.

“This course was, without a doubt, the most empowering, challenging, intense, fun and useful course I have attended in my corporate career – thank you!”
Dan Braden-Astbury

Carve out your niche

If you have done your research, you will see that Firewalking is a tool that is used in a wide variety of contexts. Work out how you will use it. Work out your why.

This article has some great information on some of the different ways Firewalking is used –

On your niche…

Your niche should be in harmony with your authentic self. Participants will be comfortable, and respond more positively, when you are being true to your personality and values.

Know your limitations

As a Firewalk Instructor, you are likely to be asked to facilitate events that will be outside of your experience and knowledge. Luckily, we are always on hand to share our knowledge with you, and if we don’t have the experience, we probably know someone who will.

On your limitations…

Don’t take on more work than you can deliver. In your client’s eyes, you are there to serve them and they should be your priority. Overstretching yourself can lead to distraction and stress. Worse still, it could leave your clients feeling undervalued and that is never good for business.

Here’s some information on what your clients may be expecting from you –

Get support

Depending on the volume and nature of your work, you will need to build a team around you. People that work behind the scenes or maybe lead some of your events and courses. Your team will certainly help you manage your delivery and time limitations, provided you invest your time in their development.

Watch those eggs…

A simple mistake for someone starting out with Firewalking as a career is to put all their eggs in one basket. No matter how appealing, having just a few well-paying clients is incredibly risky. A change in business needs, budgets, etc, could see you, unexpectedly, out of work and income. It also limits your experience when seeking new work, and it’s likely you won’t have been working on your brand awareness. This could be a serious uphill struggle.

Know your worth

And, you should know the value your prospective clients will put on your work – they want to see a return on their investment. You will also need to consider the going rate for a Firewalk Instructor/Facilitator, in your region. We have delivered Firewalking events in many countries around the world. What we can charge in the UK and Ireland will vary greatly with the USA or Indonesia.

Remember not to overlook your life and work experience when it comes to pricing your services. Your training, experience and personality are what makes you, and that is what your clients are buying.

This article has some information on rates that you may find useful –


Avoid the pain of undercharging

It can be very tempting to go in with a low rate to get the work you want. Or sometimes, go in with a low rate because of the fear of not getting the work, or a lack of conviction in your worth. Whatever the reason, this is dangerous territory. Remember, you are likely to get a lot of repeat business and putting rates up is always harder than one might think.

One more thing about rates…

Like any industry, there are always some providers who will compete with you on rates. They might have lower overheads or be more keen to get the work.

Do not fall into the trap of trying to compete with these businesses. Focus on what rates you are happy with and, more importantly, on giving your clients the best possible service. There is more work available than you might think and good clients are not fixated on price. Get the work on your merits and for a fee that covers your costs and gives you the life you want.

Help your clients

There are some things you can do to help your client when it comes to your rates, and it does not involves reducing your fees. Give them value for money. Go the extra mile. Remember, your clients pay for your lifestyle. Treat each client with the utmost respect, listen to their needs and give them solutions.

Expand your services

Add to your experience and offerings. Some potential clients might be looking for other services such as Team Development, Leadership Development, or even Company Wellness. Having a range of services could really help your client and help you when work is “quiet”.

Look after yourself

Avoid working with partners, groups and organisation that do not match your values and treat you with respect. That said, often, it is only when you work with someone, that you really know if they are a good fit for you.

Ask for feedback

Self-assessment of our performance is rarely accurate. Self-doubt and the inner critical voice often skew how well we view our service delivery. Clients are often more than happy to provide you with feedback, and you will be pleasantly surprised how often it is a better appraisal than you would give yourself.

However, if you do mess-up (and you likely will), own it and apologise to your client. We have been there and can thankfully report that it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work with you again.

We hope that this information will be some use for you. Of course, it is likely you will have more questions based on your geography, aspirations and personality. Feel free to get in touch and we will be delighted to offer you our guidance and support while you consider Firewalking as a career.

Oh, here’s the link to our page about the Firewalk Instructor Training Course including locations and dates –


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