How much does it cost to train as a Firewalk Instructor?

by | Mar 13, 2018


If you want to train as a Firewalk Instructor you won’t need to spend too much time on Google to find some costs. Indeed, you will quickly realise that most Firewalk Schools charge in and around the same fee for the Firewalk Instructor Training course.

Here at Firewalking International we charge £1770 to train as a Firewalk Instructor. It is worth knowing that all the schools are slightly different in terms of what you get for your money. I will endeavour to guide you through some of these differences can be.

How many days does it take to train as a Firewalk Instructor?

When we started offering the Firewalk Instructor Training course it was using the standard 4-day course syllabus that most Firewalking Schools use. We only ran one 4-day course, now our courses are 5-days. Currently, some schools are reducing their course duration, and we are preparing to extend the course to 6-days in October 2019. To the best of our knowledge, Sundoor is the only Firewalking School that currently offers a 6-day course.

There are lots of reasons why we changed the duration of the course and we will cover those in another blog post soon. The main reason though is that we aim to only train the best Firewalk Instructors. In order to do so, we give you extra time and extra training, ensuring you leave empowered and ready to lead your first Firewalk.

World Class Trainers

Our Firewalk Instructor Training courses are primarily delivered by myself (Stephen Brown) and James Hunt. From time to time we are joined by guest Master Firewalk Instructors.

My background is in adventure sports and I have been training, assessing and qualifying people in a range of activities to include ropes courses, canoeing and kayaking, coasteering, team games, archery, etc. Training people to a certain level of competence is a very natural process for me and I love to see people reach and exceed that level.

James is very fortunate in that he has either trained with or worked alongside all of the most established Firewalking Schools – Sundoor, The Firewalking Center, UK Firewalk Academy and FIRE. And now us! With such a vast experience of training, James is a fountain of knowledge and shares all that he knows.

“I went on this course with one goal, but I left as a new person with a new outlook on life. This course changes lives”
Gerard Tiernan

Over 60 hours of training

When you train as a Firewalk Instructor with us you can expect to receive at least 60 hours of training. Each day starts at 9.00am and it is usually around 11pm before we finish. Of course there is some time for breaks and meals. This is an intensive course and the rewards are unmeasurable.

What else do you get?

The goal of this post was to give you an idea on how much it will cost to train as Firewalk Instructor. With such a short answer I have now delved into more of what you can expect as part of your training. We are covering this in greater length soon and in the meantime here is a list of what you can expect:

  • Trained to deliver Glass Walking
  • Trained to deliver Board Breaking
  • Trained in Arrow Snapping
  • Trained in Rebar Bending
  • Trained in Brick Breaking
  • Health and Safety
  • Media
  • Advertising
  • Delivery and executuon
  • Training Manual
  • Ongoing support
  • Small groups to maximise your learning
  • Accommodation and catering included
  • Airport transfers where necessary

As you can see, you get a lot for your money. Nevermind the fact that you will become an accredited Firewalk Instructor that has just completed the most life-changing and valuable course in your life. This is money well spent!

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