Can anyone do a Board Break?

by | Mar 14, 2018

Board Breaking can be attempted by anyone of any age. We have had participants as young as 8 doing a Board Break and our most senior Board Breaker to date was a spritely 88 years young.

Various thicknesses of board can be used depending on the individual. The size, weight, sex or age of a person does not determine how thick a board they can break. The techniques we will teach you include breath control, focus, concentration and how to release your inner chi (your inner energy). You will use all of your body and mind to break the board, not just your hand.

Breath Control for Board Breaking

Learning breath control will enable you to lower your heart rate, calm yourself and reduce the amount of adrenaline surging through your body. Without breathing correctly you will not be able to concentrate or focus. Learning to focus on the wood and more importantly the point of impact will also help focus your inner chi. It is your inner chi which will help draw power from the ground up, utilising your concentration and building to the point of release.

Chi is vital energy that is held to animate the body internally and is of central importance in some Eastern systems such as acupuncture and of exercise or self-defense such as tai chi

Technique for Board Breaking

Learning to concentrate on the technique and how you move your body will ensure you are using your maximum mass to increase force (force = mass x acceleration). Using your arm and hand alone is relying simply on big muscles, which will only get you so far.

Finally learning how to release your inner chi will unleash the full power of the body and mind. Also known as your expression of chi, if performed correctly you won’t even feel the wood as your hand propels forward smashing through the board.

A word to the wise

Although a surge of adrenaline, high heart rate, big muscles or an over excited person may be successful in breaking a piece of wood, the calm controlled person who is fully aware of their body and mind will have the potential to break a piece at least 3-4 times thicker.

By the way, Board Breaking is fantastic for Corporate Events!

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