What is the Cost of a Retreat?

by | Mar 15, 2018

If you Google the cost of a retreat you might be surprised to find that the differences in cost can be quite high. Huge in some cases.

Here at Firewalking International it is part of our ethos to inspire. We recognise that we must inspire individuals to become ambassadors for humanity and champions for wellbeing.

With that in mind, we focus on providing retreats that are:

  • Inspirational
  • Life-changing
  • Affordable
  • Sustainable

The interesting thing is that cost of a retreat varies. There are several factors that we consider (including those above) when we put together a price for a retreat.


The Destination affects the cost of a retreat. If the retreat is held in a more remote part of the world, it will cost more. This is to allow for the extra planning, logistics, etc.  Regardless of duration, a 12-day retreat in Mongolia will cost more than a retreat in the UK, USA or Ireland. We have extra costs to make sure that everything will be perfect for your retreat.


The retreat accommodation varies according to what we are aiming to achieve. For example, when we lead retreats in the Sahara we want the experience to be as authentic and community focused as possible. That means we stay in Berber Tents.

Now, you would be forgiven for thinking that sharing a tent with a group of people will bring the cost down. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The Sahara is an ever increasingly popular destination for 1-night stays. People that swoop in for a night, watch the sunset, look at the stars, go to sleep and leave after sunrise. This means there are more luxury camps and the prices continue to rise.

“During this retreat there was the buzz of travelling and a succession of amazing workshops that gradually made me feel empowered again.”
Marion Escartefigues


Good food is important for every retreat. In our experience, you could provide the most life-changing retreat for someone but if they aren’t happy with the food, it will be the thing that they remember the most.

We pride ourselves in providing nutritional, home cooked fresh food.


For local retreats we don’t need to consider transportation so much. Whereas, the retreat in Mongolia will require a lot of transport. This means we have vehicles, drivers and their needs to cover within the cost of the retreat.

Activities and Excursions

All our retreats have activities, and some have excursions. As you can imagine, these will have an impact on the cost of a retreat. For the activities we provide there will be costs associated with the resources as well as our time. Our time though is spread across some of the other factors such as duration

From time to time, someone that is attending a retreat will lead one of the activities. When this happens, they will get a reduced rate for the retreat.

Excursions are often an added extra and it is up to you if you want to take part in them.


The shortest retreat we offer is 2 days with 12 days as the longest. It’s pretty straightforward, a longer retreat means more activities, more accommodation, more catering and more of our time.

Group size

We keep our retreat numbers low so that you get the most care and attention from us. That means there are less people to spread the costs over, but it also means, you will get a very personal retreat.

Some retreat ideas and their costs

To give you an idea on our retreat costs check out these:

Sahara Retreat – 7 days, £790 – £950
Sweat Lodge – 2 days, £125
Mongolia Retreat – 12 days, £1800 – £2200
The Adventure of Silence – 3 days, £325
Firewalk Instructor Training – 5 days, £1770*

*Yes, some people take this course as a retreat and not to become a Firewalk Instructor

One very important factor about the cost of a Retreat

While it is not possible for every retreat, we strongly believe and want these experiences to be available to everyone. It is not uncommon that someone on a retreat will not ordinarily be able to afford the full cost. To help these people we will give them payment plans, allow them to contribute to the retreat somehow and subsidise the cost. That means, you can smile to yourself while on retreat, knowing that you are helping someone else to be there.