Will a Charity Firewalk make money?

by | Mar 18, 2018

Interestingly, we don’t get a lot of Charities asking if “will a Charity Firewalk make money?”. Perhaps, that is because we give them that information as part of our first communication with them, so they don’t need to ask. Or, they know that they can pull the resources together to make it a financial success.

For us, it’s very important that charities make money when they do a Charity Firewalk. We have a target that we love them to achieve. And most of them do! In an ideal world, a Charity Firewalk should raise at least twice as much money for the charity as it cost to put on the event.

With an average cost of £2500 for a Charity Firewalk, then the charity should raise at least £3000 after costs.

If you are considering organising a Charity Firewalk it might be worth reading these guidelines on Charity Firewalk Costs.

Peace of Mind Fundraising

Understandably, Charities can be nervous about how much they will make. Some, especially the smaller charities and individual organisers, are fearful that they will lose money. Thankfully that has never happened. In fact, if a Charity is struggling to get recruits for the Firewalk and it looks like it won’t be a positive fundraiser, we will refund their deposit.

We ask all Charity Firewalk organisers to keep in regular contact with us, particularly around the recruitment of their brave Firewalking volunteers. That way, we can offer advice and support. If they are still struggling to get the numbers to make the event a financial success, then postponing or cancelling are the best option. We are not in the business of making money while Charities lose money, hence the no quibble deposit refund.

This approach really puts the organisers at ease and with less worry, they can focus on the task at hand. The positive energy can now be transferred into the recruitment of volunteers for the Charity Firewalk.

“Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving.”
Hank Rosso

So, will a Charity Firewalk make money?

In our experience, Charities rarely make less than £3000 and that is with 20 – 30 people taking part in the Firewalk. Most Charities will raise somewhere between £5000 and £10000. And some Charities will raise over £10000. As far as we are concerned, the sky’s the limit when it comes to Charity Firewalks

We have a few case studies that you should check out:

These guys raised over £22,000
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And here are a few tips on organising a Charity Firewalk:

How to organise a Charity Firewalk
11 tips for planning a Charity Firewalk 

So there you go. A Charity Firewalk will most definitely make money and we will do everything we can to help you make as much as possible.



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