We were in Dublin only 3 days after the TKMaxx Firewalk in Limerick to run another charity Firewalk for TKMaxx.  Again, this Firewalk was to raise money for Enable Ireland, a charity that TKMaxx do a lot of work with, both in terms of fundraising and raising the charities profile.

The venue, The Church Cafe Bar, Restaurant and Nightclub is very familiar to us as we have been there at DubNet and ran a Firewalk there last year for Bumbleance.  It’s a fantastic venue that really believes in charity, plus they have awesome staff who can’t do enough to help you.  This time round the Firewalk would be set-up out the back of The Church and the training would take place in the Cellar.

It was a beautiful crisp day and it wasn’t too long until we were heating up the place!

TKMaxx Firewalk DublinBy this stage people were arriving and stopping to chat about the fire and share their worries and excitement.  It can be pretty busy chatting with everyone but we love it.  It’s a great opportunity to start getting to know everyone and to help those that are really nervous or scared.

Before long we had everyone in the cellar and training was underway.  Everyone took part in the Glasswalk and soon we were headed back out to the Fire which Noel had been carefully tending.  We made a few final preparations and Stephen walked over the coals first.

We had a lot of people walk over the fire a few times and even a few people who walked across it holding hands.  It’s really special to see people do this – they will have formed a really unique bond by walking together.

As soon as the Firewalk was over, everyone went back to the cellar for a roundup of the experience and then the party began.  We joined the party when we cleared up the Firewalk and left the grounds as we found them.  We stayed for quite a while and even had the nerve-wrecking task of pulling out the raffle tickets!

That night, TKMaxx raised over €10,000 for Enable Ireland.

Well done all of you all, you braved the glass and the coals, you had fun and raised a lot of money!!