How much does a Charity Firewalk cost?

by | Mar 8, 2018

“How much does a Charity Firewalk cost?” is one of the most common, and rightly so, questions we are asked. In fact, we get asked about the cost of a Charity Firewalk with nearly every enquiry and that’s dozens every year. Usually when we get an email it goes something like this:

Can you guys help me raise money for XYZ and how much does a Charity Firewalk cost?”

The good thing is, the answer is standard, and there are very few exceptions.

We offer Charity Firewalks throughout the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Ireland. The cost remains the same no matter where you are. The only difference is whether you pay in Euros or Pounds.

So, what’s the cost?

A Charity Firewalk costs £2500 or Euro equivalent, for up to 50 people. That works out at only £50 per person.

Of course, if you have 25 people the cost per head goes up. But that isn’t something to worry about. Most Charity Firewalks have 20 – 30 people taking part and we rarely see them raise less than £3000 after costs. Often, even with the lower number, the Charity will raise more than £5000.

If you manage to get 30 – 50 people, you should expect to raise £10,000.

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When we explain this, the next logical (and hopeful) question is, “What if we have more than 50 people?”. Again, we keep this simple. Each person over 50 people is charged at £50 per head. The important thing is that you keep us in the loop with your numbers, so we can plan for extra Team Members and other resources such as wood, grass, etc.

There is no upper number. If you have a venue that can accommodate the number of people we will make it happen.

“After the initial training, I was fired up and ready to go, which I didn’t expect as I was about to walk on hot coals at an obscene temperature!”
Claire Lambert

What’s included in the Charity Firewalk cost?

As part of our Charity Firewalk service we include:

  • A dedicated Event Management team
  • Detailed Risk Assessments and Event Management Plan
  • A dedicated Delivery Team which includes two Qualified Firewalk Instructors
  • Professional Event Photography
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Years of experience and customer care
  • Complete clear up of the venue

How much do other Firewalking Companies charge?

We can’t be 100% sure on this but we have heard of charities being quoted anything from £1100 – £3000. We don’t know what is included within those rates, you’ll need to ask them.

Do you ever offer discounts?

We do from time to time, but we can’t all the time. It really depends on how “business” is going at that time. Put it this way, on occasion, we have not taken full payment at some Charity Firewalks because the organiser had a low turnout and those taking part hadn’t raised a lot.

We are a pretty compassionate and caring bunch. For us, it is really important that your Charity Firewalk makes money for your Charity. We would feel crappy if we were making money and you weren’t.

Some would say that that’s not good business, but we don’t care. When we work with Charities we look at it as a partnership and we want you to have a successful event.

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