How much does a Corporate Firewalk cost?

by | Mar 8, 2018

“How much does a Corporate Firewalk cost?” is a question that is asked at the early stage of most Corporate enquiries. Here at Firewalking International we get that. Budgets are important and are often one of the key factors as to whether a Corporate Firewalk will get the go-ahead from the Management Team.

Like most Team Building events, there are many considerations that determine the final cost for a Corporate Firewalk. We will take you through these in a moment and hopefully, they will help you get an idea how much you should expect to pay for a Corporate Firewalk.

Factors that influence the cost of a Corporate Firewalk

To work out the Corporate Firewalk cost there are two main considerations: The Number of Participants and the Location.

Let’s break these down.

How does number of participants affect the Corporate Firewalk Cost?

A Corporate Firewalk will cost £3500 and allows up to 50 participants. If you have more than 50 people, they are charged at £70 per person.

Of course, as an example, if you have a small team or company of 10 people, this can seem like a very high price. Luckily, we are passionate about what we do and will work with you to bring that cost down to something that is more affordable.

We have done plenty of Firewalks for smaller teams. Indeed, a few years ago we did a Corporate Firewalk for 5 people. That involved payment plus a trade of services. If there’s a will, there’s a way.

If you have a small team we will consider the location, time involved, your purpose and the bigger picture to help with the costs.

You should still expect to pay somewhere in the region of £1200 – £1500 even if your numbers are low. And if your Team get all that they can from the Firewalk, this is money very well spent.


“The event was professionally co-ordinated, enlightening and thoroughly enjoyed by our entire team.”
Matthew Beattie

How does location affect the Corporate Firewalk Cost?

We deliver Corporate Firewalks all over the world. Sometimes we work with partners and this keeps the costs down. Other times, we fly to where we are needed, and this incurs extra costs.

We have been fortunate enough to deliver events in Italy, Morocco, Bali, Switzerland and Australia.

For events in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Ireland, we have a number of bases we operate from, so extra travel costs are rare.

What’s included in the cost of a Corporate Firewalk?

As part of our Corporate Firewalk and Team Building service we provide:

  • A dedicated Event Management team
  • Detailed Risk Assessments and Event Management Plan
  • A dedicated Delivery Team which includes two Qualified Firewalk Instructors
  • Professional Event Photography
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Years of experience and customer care
  • Complete clear up of the venue

How much do other Firewalking Companies charge?

We will have to pass on this one. We have no idea how much other companies charge for sure but we are aware that some start charging from £5000 and if you are in the USA, many start charging from $10,000/ You’ll have to do some investigating.

One more thing…

Sometimes we will be asked if we can reduce the time of the event to reduce the cost. This doesn’t really work, our time commitment and cost remain the same whether we are with you for 1 hour or 4 hours. That’s why we always recommend allocating 4 hours for your Corporate Firewalk. You might as well get as much value as you can; and you will get a lot of value.

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