11 Tips for Planning a Successful Charity Firewalk

by | Dec 6, 2017

It goes without saying, everyone that wants to organise a Charity Firewalk wants it to be a Successful Charity Firewalk. How that success is measured varies from Charity to Charity and Host to Host. Some want a fun filled night for their supporters and friends. Others want to raise lots of money. While some want to raise lots of awareness. Most, want it all – fun night, raise lots of money and raise awareness.

Here’s a few tips that will help you achieve a Successful Charity Firewalk:


Getting people to sign up can be the toughest part of organising your Charity Firewalk. There are a few steps that can make this easier for you:

  • Ask close friends and family to help you spread the word
  • Make sure people can easily access information about your event
  • Have a simple way for them to sign up. Email, telephone, etc
  • Reply to all enquiries as soon as you can and with open arms.

We cannot stress this last one enough, get a deposit from everyone that signs up. You would be amazed at how many people will, with the best intentions in the world, tell you that they will be there. Only to have them pull out a few weeks, days or even the night of your Charity Firewalk.

“Real generosity to the future lies in giving all to the present.”
Albert Camus


Many people think that if they create an event on Facebook, people will flock to their event. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Marketing your event takes a certain amount of work. That’s why we provide loads of information, photos, videos and materials to charities that work with us. It lightens the burden.

  • At the very least, you should have a rough marketing plan in your head. Better still, get it on paper with a day by day or week by week schedule.
  • Can you get any local or nationwide press coverage? If you write the article, it is more likely to get used by local press. Make sure it is not a complete sales pitch. Contact us for advice on this.
  • Can you get the local radio or television station to support you?
  • Social Media – there is a fine line between sharing your Charity Firewalk and spamming your family and friends. Make good use of it and be considerate to others. You might want to read this for some more Social Media advice.

Less is More

It is not uncommon that the organisers of a Charity Firewalk want to add in lots of other Fundraising activities. This can be anything from Raffles to Pig Racing, Fireworks to Discos, Family Fun Days to Head Shaves. These additional activities either work well or they don’t.

Taking part in a Charity Firewalk is a big thing. Adding lots of other activities to your evening can give you lots more work and often distracts from the Firewalk. Worse still, it distracts the participants.

Consider this carefully before going full out. In our experience, having a simple raffle and some sort of celebration after the Firewalk is enough.

Organising a successful Charity Firewalk isn’t rocket science!

Especially when you have our support and advice at every step of the way. The main thing is to have your goal in sight, make sure people know about it and get everyone aiming that direction. We can look after the rest.

Ps. You should read this! These guys raised over £22,000 at their Charity Firewalk!


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