The Empowered Living Workshop

Empowered Living is a one day workshop that will help you reconnect with your authentic-self and get to where you want to be. And we say help loosely because we know that you already know how to get there. We also know that you are more than capable of doing it. It’s just that from time to time, we need to do something different. We need to do something outside of our comfort zone that reminds us how capable we are. Empowered Living will give you that opportunity.

Who can attend the Empowered Living Workshop?

The Empowered Living Workshop is designed for people who want change in their lives. It’s a disruptive opportunity to break the cycle of mundane living. Living an Empowered Life puts you back in the driver’s seat. If you are in the driver’s seat already, it can move you from the slow lane to the fast lane. Or vice-versa if that is what you need.

  • Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find a way out?
  • Is your life limited by your thinking and fears?
  • Could you do with more confidence?
  • Do you need to take some time out to re-evaluate what is important to you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Empowered Living is the Workshop you have been waiting for.

How do we do that?

The Empowered Living Workshop includes time outside the comfort zone, reflection, peer discussions, and led-insights. This high-energy workshop is designed to give you results. It will challenge you. It will empower you. And you can embrace it.

The time outside your comfort zone is crucial for learning. And the learning will be ingrained through personal reflection, peer discussions, and led-insights. You will learn how to apply this learning in the future and use it to reach your goals.

“This course was, without a doubt, the most empowering, challenging, intense, fun and useful course I have attended in my corporate career – thank you!”
Dan Braden-Astbury

What do you get?

Our world class trainers will give you extraordinary lessons about the power of the mind. You will be submersed in 8+ hours of exceptional training.

Time and time again, you will get experiences that show how your thoughts and beliefs create your reality. It’s great to have a cognitive understanding of this; to experience and feel it is another level altogether.

The Empowered Living Workshop looks at your dreams and goals, changing the impossible to possible and using self-belief to become unstoppable.

  • 8 hours of extraordinary training that will raise your energy and zest for life!
  • High Impact Empowerment Activities that will take you out of your comfort zone so you can experience deep learning 
  • Discover and rediscover skills to deal with your limiting beliefs and break strongly rooted paradigms
  • Practice turning the “impossible” into possible
  • Feel the word confidence as you never would have done before and be able to face all kind of challenges
  • Learn the most effective process of how to attain your goals through changing your beliefs
  • You will leave empowered and super-charged to take your life in the direction you want

You will be able to take what you have learned and use it in your personal and professional life. Plus, you will have more skills, more techniques and more confidence. 

Event Details

DATE: Saturday 18th August 2018
TIME: 10.00am – late (event starts at 10.00am sharp, registration from 9.00am)
LOCATION: Newcastle, County Down (exact location released after registration)
INVESTMENT: Early Bird Tickets £95 until 1st August and then they rise to £145
***Please note that meals are not included in the ticket price***

CANCELLATION POLICY: All tickets are non-refundable. Transfers are permitted.

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