Samhain Fire Celebration and Firewalk

Saturday 4th November 2017, 2.00pm – 1.00am



Samhain marks the end of the old Celtic Year and the beginning of the New Year. The Celts believed that this was a time of transition, when the veil between our world and the next came down, and the spirits of all who had died since the last Oíche Shamhna (Night of Samhain) moved on to the next life.

The transformation from Summer to Winter is supported by the energies and interactions of both seasons. The Firewalk Ceremony will focus on the transition that many aspects of life take during the changing of the seasons.

The timing is perfect as we will have a full moon lighting our way.

What to expect:

You can arrive any time between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. We recommend arriving for 2.00pm so that you can take part in all the workshops and activities:

  • Carving Turnip Lanterns
  • Make your own Fire Torches
  • Contributing to the Samhain Altar
  • Take time in the Ancestors Tent and write a message to a loved one
  • Learn to Fire Eat
  • Apple Bobbing
  • Fortune telling with Barmbrack and Hazel Nuts

Following the workshops, we will light the Samhain Fire and enjoy a feast together. After the feast, you will have an opportunity to walk the Fire Labyrinth and the Firewalk. *

All workshops and the Firewalk and Fire Labyrinth are optional. All materials are provided with full instructions. The Firewalk will be led by Stephen Brown who is a Firewalking Master. Stephen has led groups across the Fire extensively in the UK and Ireland as well as throughout Europe, Indonesia, USA and Bali.

The night will end around 1.00am when the Samhain Fire has burned down.

After, you will be able to take home your Fire Torch, embers from the Firewalk in a glass memento jar and a piece of wood from the Samhain Fire to light your Fire at home the next day.

How to prepare and what to bring:

  • Fancy dress is a must, not modern superheroes, think in magical, pagan or traditional terms – faeries, the little people, the god folk. Orange and black are good colours to work with.
  • If you have one, bring a drum, the bigger and louder the better
  • Bring harvest offerings, fruit, leaves and/or vegetables for the Samhain Altar, the faeries and other little people.
  • Bring a memorial candle and a glass jar – the jar should be free from writing and symbols
  • You should wrap up warm in your fancy dress outfit, be prepared for rain and bring a torch and camping chair. Wellington boots are best as the area we are in is prone to being wet underfoot.
  • This is an alcohol-free event


This incredible event is strictly limited to 50 participants and only costs £75 per person.

Tickets cannot be bought at the gate. 

If you wish to make a weekend of it you can book accommodation in the old school house. This is shared accommodation and is on a first come, first served basis. Only 20 places available:

Saturday night only – £35pp including breakfast
Friday and Saturday – £60pp including breakfast on Sunday


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