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Rejuvenate Retreat


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March 5, 2020 9:00 pm
March 12, 2020 1:00 pm
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The Rejuvenate Retreat is an opportunity to spend time with your peers, learn new skills, expand your knowledge and have fun.

On the Rejuvenate Retreat you will spend time with other Therapists, Counsellors,  Psychologists, Coaches and Practitioners of many modalities. We will provide a safe space where you can learn from each other, relax and have some fun. Workshops are experiential, interactive and intended to replenish your Mind, Body and Soul.

In addition to a carefully constructed program of workshops, you can expect relaxation, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, laughter and authenticity in abundance, beautiful people, and tasty meals.

Join us for 8 wonderful days in Morocco including 4 nights in the Sahara Desert.

Throughout the Rejuvenate Retreat, you will get the opportunity to take part in a range of workshops. Previous retreats have included Laughter Yoga, Journaling, Mandalas, Reike, BreathWork, Vision Quest, Reflexology, Board Breaking, Talk Shops, Meditation and Firewalking.

Rejuvenate gives you an opportunity to balance your self-care, add to your continuous professional development, learn from your peers, and share your knowledge. All of this is done in relaxed and informal settings, sometimes in the buzz of Marrakech, and mostly in the remoteness of the Sahara Desert.

During the Rejuvenate Retreat we will explore different modalities for self-care. This can include meditation, gentle yoga, nutrition, care for body, care for mind and care for spirit as well as journaling, enhancing self-awareness and development of a self-care plan.

You can expect relaxation, internal and external exploration, and rejuvenation. It’s a chance to balance your mind, body and spirit. You will also get plenty of time to savour the sunrises, sunsets and the wonderful sights and sounds of the desert.

All but 4 of the workshops will be led by Stephen Brown and Ricardo Olabegoya. This leaves 4 peer-led workshop slots available and we will be choosing whichever we feel fits best with the programme we have planned.

If you have a skill you want to share, you can apply to lead a workshop. Anyone that leads a workshop will be eligible to a reduced rate.  Fancy it? Pop us an email and let’s see if it will work. You will need to provide us with your CV, details of qualifications, experience and references. What could you add to the mix?

In addition to the workshops, you will get to experience the bustling city of Marrakech. You will be able to explore the souks, eat street food, and barter with the traders. The drive to the desert takes us over the High Atlas Mountains and here you will experience a much quieter and slower pace. In the desert, we will be in the company of chefs and guides from the Berber community. Their perspective on life is what many in the west now crave.

For more information, schedule and FAQ’s please visit: 


The Sahara Retreat costs £1150 and includes transport from Marrakech and back again, accommodation and meals. There is an early bird rate of £950 for those who pay their deposit before Friday 10th January 2020. Students are eligible for a discounted rate of £850. If you volunteer to lead a workshop or activity for the group then your place will only cost £750. Refer to workshop section earlier in this page if you are interested in applying to lead a workshop – we will only pick 4 and they will be the 4 that best suit this retreat.

To secure your place you only need to pay a deposit of £100. We will then contact you to arrange a payment plan for the balance and discuss your suitability to lead a workshop if that is what you would like to do.

Rejuvenate Retreat


A Retreat for those working in the helping professions, bringing together Therapists, Counsellors, Coaches and Practitioners of many modalities.


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