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Probably, the most comprehensive and in depth Master Firewalk Instructor Training Course in the world!

You know when you know

“First say to yourself what you would be, and then do what you have to do.”

The Training

Becoming a Master Firewalk Instructor takes time, dedication and a steadfast commitment to being at the top of your game.

The truth is, if you are ready for this course, you are most of the way to being a Master Firewalk Instructor, and…

This course will help polish your skills, hone your knowledge, increase your experience, and give you new tools for the future!

Having the knowledge, experience, and skills to Train Firewalk Instructors is a privilege and an honour. We firmly believe that you will know when you are ready and this course will support you as you go forward.

After completing the Master Firewalk Instructor Training, you are qualified to deliver Firewalk Instructor Training Courses. Your courses will be endorsed by Firewalking International and you will be invited to contribute to Firewalk Instructor Training courses in the future.

You will also become a leader within the International Network of Firewalk Instructors.

Becoming a Master Firewalking Instructor is gradual.

There is no decision to become, it just happens. It is part of who you are and what you do.

The Master Firewalk Instructor Training is designed to compliment this “knowing”. It will polish your skills, and give you some new ones. By the end of the Training you will have learned new ways of training. You will have trained new Firewalk Instructors, and you will be a world class Master Firewalk Instructor.

You will also have all the resources and tools that you need to deliver your own Firewalking International approved Firewalk Instructor Training Courses.

new perspectives

By joining the Master Firewalk Instructor Training Course, you will gain new perspectives on your life, relationships, and work, through the workshops and the immersive design of this course.

This bespoke Master Firewalk Instructor Training Course is based on years of experience participating and leading Firewalk Instructor Training courses. Which is complimented by an extensive array of other personal, spiritual, and team courses. We are confident that our wide range of skills, knowledge and experience will provide you with the best possible training.

Furthermore, we have an ongoing development program that includes group and individual coaching. All designed to support you become a Master of your life and work.


Master Training FAQ’s

What are the dates?

The Master Firewalk Instructor Training Course starts on Friday 18th October and ends on Sunday 27th October 2019. We start early on the 18th, and finish late on the 27th. You should arrive on the 17th April and plan to depart on the 28th April.

Is food included?

All meals are provided from the morning of 18th October until the morning of 28th October. We will do our best to cater for any special dietary requirements.  Get in touch before you book to make sure we can cater for you

How do I get to the venue?

We will provide complimentary transport, where necessary, from Dublin and Belfast Airports. Contact us before booking flights so we can advise on how this will be managed.

Do I need to do anything before the course?

To help us give you the best possible training, ensuring it is bespoke to your development, we will provide you with some “homework” before you attend the course. This will take 40 – 60 hours of your time before attending the course and this investment will help you get the most out of your investment.

Can I lead Instructor Courses immediately after completing the Masters Course?

The general answer to this is yes. However, this is dependant on your experience and how well you do on the course. As a Master Firewalk Instructor offering Instructor Training Courses, we must make sure that you are at a standard that represents Firewalking International to the highest standards. Which in turn, ensures your training is of the highest standard.

In some cases, Master Firewalk Instructors may undergo a period of continuous coaching and development. There are no extra fees for this. It is all about helping you be your best so you can train the best.

Are there any fees for the people I train?

All training courses and participants are logged at Firewalk HQ and there are no fees for this.
When you train people as Firewalk Instructors you can certify them under your own name or business. You will also provide them with the opportunity to be certified by Firewalking International. This validation will welcome them into the International Network of Firewalk Instructors. Re-validation is every two years, and provides certificate holders with work and training opportunities.

How much does it cost?

The Master Firewalk Instructor Training Course costs £3250 and includes:

  • All training and resources
  • Shared accommodation and catering
  • Ongoing training, development, and support
  • Use of Firewalking International branding and resources for your own courses

Exclusive Offer

Get £250 Off Your training

Confirm your place with a £500 non-refundable deposit before 1st May and get £250 off your Master Firewalk Instructor Training.

Your trainerss

Stephen Brown

carol talbot

Cobus Visser

James Hunt

These four, Master Firewalk Instructor Trainers, have trained and worked with all the major Firewalking Schools. Including F.I.R.E., Sundoor, Eight Directions, The Firewalking Centre, Firewalking UK, and Firewalking International.

Collectively they have almost 50 years Firewalking experience: 33 years Instructing, and 24 years as Master Firewalk Instructors. They have led and worked on Firewalking Events for as many as 13,000 people, and as few as 1. Together, they have worked in more than 50 countries around the world.

You are in good hands!

are you ready?