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by | Apr 16, 2018

We have put this post together to address any confusion that there might be about Firewalk Qualifications. In the main, most Firewalking Schools follow the same system for Firewalk Qualifications and there are two main levels. Firewalk Instructor and Master Firewalk Instructor. Of course, there are some slight variations.

Before we get stuck into the different Firewalk Qualifications available, it is good to know that some Firewalk Schools offer Firewalk Certification and some offer Firewalk Qualifications. This can cause confusion. But, in our opinion, the Schools are all saying that when you complete the course you are deemed competent. You have attained a level of skill and knowledge. And that allows you to lead Firewalks, Board and Brick Breaking, Arrow Snapping, Rebar Bending, and Glass Walking.

What we can’t confirm is whether all the Firewalk Schools provide robust and fair standards and assessment. All that we can say is, if you train as a Firewalk Instructor with us, you will be tested.

At the end of the day, we are providing you with a qualification that allows you to lead potentially dangerous activities. Of course, it is also a qualification that can change lives. It’s a qualification that allows you creata a business and to a make a positive impact for the world.

It is our responsibility to make sure you are competent and safe. We need to be able to stand over your ability. We want to be proud that we trained you to be the best Firewalk Instructor or Master Firewalk Instructor. And we want to be satisfied that you are going to be a good ambassador for Firewalking International. And a powerful addition to the Firewalking Industry.

So, what are the Firewalk Qualifications available?

As mentioned earlier, there are two main recognised levels of Firewalk Qualifications. The first level is Firewalk Instructor and then you have Master Firewalk Instructor. Other Firewalk Qualifications that you may have come across are Firewalk Practitioner, Firewalk Facilitator, Executive Firewalk Instructor, and Master Firewalk Trainer.

Let’s start with the most recognised and most available Firewalk Qualifications.

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”
John F. Kennedy

Firewalk Instructor

A Firewalk Instructor is someone who is trained under the guidance of a Master Firewalk Instructor. These courses are usually 4 days in duration, although there are some exceptions. Our Firewalk Instructor Training Course lasts for 5 days; and the Sundoor Course last for 6 days. If you want to know why the course durations varies, you should read this post.

Remember, not all Firewalk Schools will assess your competence or ability. Instead they will give you a certificate stating that you have completed the training. This certificate does not state, nor does it imply that you have reached a certain standard. Other than you managed to survive the 4 days.

For peace of mind, it is much better to know that you have been assessed and approved as competent, safe and capable. This will also leave you feeling much more empowered to lead your first Firewalk.

And if you want to train to be the best Firewalk Instructor you can book your place here.

Master Firewalk Instructor

Of all the Firewalk Qualifications this is certainly one of the hardest to understand. Let’s start with a definition on Mastery:

Mastery / mɑːst(ə)ri
Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity.

The standards for Master Firewalk Instructors seem to vary. And there is a lack of information and transparency about how a Firewalk Instructor is deemed ready to become a Master Firewalk Instructor. All that we can do is explain how we facilitate the transition from Instructor to Master.

Becoming a Master Firewalk Instructor is an honour. It is not something that can be achieved just because someone is ready to pay for the Qualification. Mastery is something that is attained by gaining lots of personal experience. And the Master Firewalk Instructor Course should be the icing on the cake.

That is why you cannot become a Firewalk Instructor with us and then become a Master Firewalk Instructor a few months later. It is impossible for you to have gained the appropriate experience to truly call yourself a Master.

Becoming a Master Firewalk Instructor

We believe that experience is crucial for anyone that wishes to become a Master Firewalk Instructor. Firewalking and working with people will have become second nature for you. You are constantly learning, always teaching, a true leader, and an inspirational role model.

We strongly believe that anyone that trains as a Master Firewalk Instructor should already know that they are one. The training we offer will give them new skills, including the ability to train Firewalk Instructors. Those that come on the Master Firewalk Instructor Training are already at the top of their Firewalking game. And they come with a desire for improvement.

Interestingly, some Firewalk Schools and Master Instructors make bold claims about their Master Firewalk Instructors. You might see statements like “One of only 7 Master Firewalk Instructors in the world”, or “One of only two” or “One of only 25”, and so on. In many ways, this is about their own school or qualification and it is part of their marketing. These schools, companies and individuals want to give themselves a marketing edge.

There is somewhere between 1000 and 2000 Firewalk Instructors, there are no more than 100 Master Firewalk Instructors. And it is estimated that about a quarter, in both cases, are active at their level of Firewalk Qualification.

Are you a Firewalk Instructor?

If you are an active and experienced Firewalk Instructor you might want to join the next Master Firewalk Instructor Training Course!


“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”
Robert Greene

Firewalk Facilitators and Firewalk Coaches

The terms, Firewalk Facilitator and Firewalk Coach resonate with some people more than Firewalk Instructor. We get that completely. The softer skills of being a Firewalk Instructor are much more aligned with Facilitation and Coaching. As much as we really like these terms, we feel that changing the name of the course would only cause confusion.

Ultimately, when you become a Firewalk Instructor you can tell people you are Firewalk Facilitator or Coach. Go with what sits better with you and your business model.

Executive Firewalk Instructor

The title of Executive Firewalk Instructor is offered by F.I.R.E. It is designed to help Firewalk Instructors learn new skills that will help them in the development of their Firewalk Seminars and Business.

In many ways, it is like the courses we offer via The Business of Firewalking website. Here, Firewalk Instructors and Master Firewalk Instructors can avail of the following courses:

  • Starting your Firewalking Business
  • Growing your Firewalking Business
  • Marketing your Firewalking Business

Of course, you can learn many of these skills at a multitude of business start-up, business growth and marketing courses. The distinction is that these courses, just like the EFIT, are designed for Instructors, Master Instructors and Firewalking Companies.

Firewalk Practitioner

We offer a Firewalk Practitioner Course which lasts for 3 day. The only equivalent that we are aware of is the Propulsion Course offered by Firewalk UK. In our case, the course is aimed at those who want to experience everything that the Firewalk Instructor Training Course has to offer. Without getting into the nitty gritty of becoming a Firewalk Instructor.

The Firewalk Practitioner is mostly taken by Professional Speakers, Coaches, Aspiring Leaders and Leaders, Trainers and Professional Development Professionals. They do this course for their own development and because it can give them great content and insights that will enhance their work.

It is also taken by people who are interested in Firewalking and want to learn more anout it. As well as those who use it as a 3-day Empowerment Retreat.

Master Firewalk Trainer

Last, but not least, is the Firewalk Qualification known as Master Firewalk Trainer. In many ways, this can be a bit of a grey area. Who gives who the honour to become a Master Firewalk Trainer?

Well, our views on Master Firewalk Trainers are the same as becoming a Master Firewalk Instructor. This should be someone who has experience, skills, and passion. And these attributes will support their intuitive learner-centred approach to training Firewalk Instructors and Master Firewalk Instructors.

We have a goal! One day all the Master Firewalk Trainers in the world will work together. They will form a panel overseeing the development ladder of Firewalk Instructors.

One more thing…

We have done extensive research on current Firewalk Instructors and Firewalk Companies. There are many who have received training outside of the more well known and established Firewalk Schools. This does not necessarily mean that they are not competent, capable, skilful, or safe in how they conduct their Firewalks, their Business and Associated Activities. Indeed, we look forward to learning from them when the opportunity arises.

Remember, Firewalking has been practised by man for thousands of years and there is more than one way to do it.

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