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Master Firewalk Instructor Training


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October 18, 2019
October 27, 2019
Gortinessy School B&B   View map

Becoming a Master Firewalk Instructor takes time, dedication and a steadfast commitment to being at the top of your game. The truth is, you know when you a Master Firewalk Instructor!

It’s an Honour

Having the knowledge, experience, and skills to Train Firewalk Instructors is a privilege and an honour. We firmly believe that you will know when you are ready, and this course will support you as you go forward.

After completing the Master Firewalk Instructor Training, you are qualified to deliver Firewalk Instructor Training Courses. Your courses will be endorsed by Firewalking International and you will be invited to contribute to Firewalk Instructor Training courses in the future.

You will also become a leader within the International Network of Firewalk Instructors.

A Master Firewalk Instructor

Becoming a Master Firewalking Instructor is something that happens gradually. There is no decision to become, it just happens. It is part of who you are and what you do.

The Master Firewalk Instructor Training is designed to compliment this “knowing”. It will polish your skills, and give you some new ones. By the end of the Training you will have learned new ways of training, you will have trained new Firewalk Instructors, and you will be a world class Master Firewalk Instructor.

You will also have all the resources and tools that you need to deliver your own Firewalking International approved Firewalk Instructor Training Courses.

When is the Master Training?

The Master Firewalk Instructor Training Course starts on Friday 18th October and ends on Sunday 27th October 2019. We start early on the 18th, and finish late on the 27th. You should arrive on the 17th April and plan to depart on the 28th April.

The Master Firewalk Instructor only happens every two years.


Gortinessy School House, Pettigo, County Donegal, Ireland.  The School House is now modern and retains all the old and attractive features of the original building that dates from before 1800.  It is in a stunningly beautiful area and we are sure you will find the surroundings peaceful and perfect for the course.

Training the Best Master Firewalk Instructors

The Master Firewalk Instructor Training Course will be delivered by International Firewalk Master Trainer’s James Hunt, Carol Talbot, Cobus Visser and Stephen Brown.  

These four, Master Firewalk Instructors, have trained and worked with all the major Firewalking Schools including F.I.R.E., Sundoor, Eight Directions, The Firewalking Centre, Firewalking UK, and Firewalking International. Collectively they have almost 50 years Firewalking experience: 33 years Instructing, and 24 years as Master Firewalk Instructors. They have led and worked on Firewalking Events for as many as 13,000 people, and as few as 1. Together, they have worked in more than 50 countries around the world. 

Never before has there been a coming together of Master Instructors from around the world to deliver this course. There has never been such an experienced Team working together to deliver this course. Nor has there been the coming together of experience from all the major Firewalking Schools. There has never been an opportunity to train in these conditions before.

Cost of course: £3250
Includes training, continuous professional development and coaching, training packs and resources for future use, access to online courses, catering, accommodation and airport transfers.
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Master Firewalk Instructor Training


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