A lesson from a fly…A lesson from a fly

It’s a warm summer’s day and the garden is alive with activity.

You are sitting inside and you notice that there is a fly at the window trying to get out. The fly keeps bumping off what it can’t see, trying desperately to get out to where it wants to be. Out with the flowers, the bees, avoiding the webs. It’s life is short so you’d like to do the best for it. You open the window but still, the fly seems fixated on bumping up against what it can’t see to get where it wants to be. You try and ‘shoo’ the fly towards the open window and freedom but it seems to go in the opposite direction. The fly continues bumping up against what it cannot see. It has two choices. You give up tying and eventually it finds the window or it joins its friends in the fly graveyard that is your window sill.

The lesson

How much like our own lives that analogy is. We know what’s out there, we can see it. We know that it’s like to be free, to have more time with the kids, to go on more holidays or to be so happy that the time just flies. We know where we’d like to be but we keep bumping up against what we can’t see. Unlike us, the fly does not have the capacity to understand the concept of a window or why it can’t get past it. However, we do have invisible barriers that stop us getting to where we’d like to be. These are called “limiting beliefs’.

Here’s another analogy.

Let’s compare our brains to an unformatted computer, fresh out of the box.

We start to create an operating system based on what we know to be true; the sky is blue, the grass is green and if we play in water we get wet. This is fairly straight forward.

But what if someone tells us that we are not good at drawing, or that we’re not good at maths or that we will never amount to anything? What kind of decisions do we start making? If we told the computer that 1+1=3, what kind of calculations would that computer start making? Even if it was to diagnose itself it would not see anything wrong.


It’s never too late to reprogramme ourselves for success. It’s never too late to find our happy on a continuous basis. It’s never too late to breakthrough what’s holding you back.

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