Life is simple


I have been observing myself and others working hard on themselves and results. My observation is that we are complicating everything. Life is meant to be and is SIMPLE!

Let me share with you couple of examples.


Losing body weight

Secret is in two steps: 1. Eat less; 2. Exercise more and do it long enough to have result. Most people who have been struggling with this issue would recognise that they have been trying to complicate this simple formula with something, for example – „ if I ran yesterday, today is not mandatory” or, I can have ice-cream today as I did 10 push ups in the morning”.  The answer is do not complicate it – you set out to lose weight so, NO ICE-CREAM and for goodness sake – GO OUT and EXERCISE!!!

Having more money in your bank account

Very similar to weight lose:

  1. Earn more
  2. Spend less.


Work smarter and do not buy crap! What we do is, we go out being lazy or inefficient and buy crap that we do not need just because it was on promotion or today was that “special day”.

Is it any wonder you end up with nothing?

Setting and reaching Goals:

  1. Understand where you want to be;
  2. Understand where you are (and do not mix sequence of these steps or you end up with unambitious goals that will not give you anything; even if reached)
  3. Make a plan on how to get from A to B;
  4. Apply discipline on execution;
  5. Improve plan, especially if you proceed too slow

What do most people do?

Most people do not get the first two points right as they have a problem to define what do we want. They never make proper plan and discipline normally holds on for the first 3 days and then it is gone.

Now, let’s get away from complaining about human race and move on to how simple life is.

What can be more fantastic than drinking tea and watching your kids play? It costs nothing. All you have to do is cut doing crap and make tea.

Did you know that the wonders of nature are free?

Look at the stars, a sunset or dawn, listen to birds singing and the wind in trees or on the sea. Get out in the crisp morning air! All you have to do is pay attention to the things that are around you.

Do not tell me that you do not have time for it. You have, if you stop filling your life with complex crap.

Everything I write applies to me too. I am there and I have been there. I am not saying I am perfect in anything. I am travelling and searching the same as most of us.

I encourage you to see how simple rules hold our world together and stop complicating it. Universe holds on Love. Beasts (including people) are controlled by Fear. To be free you need Love. Love people and they will love you. Love yourself and it will be easier to love others.

Things you are longing for are much closer to you and much more available than you think!