Firewalking IrelandWill your heart be racing this Valentine’s Night?

Valentine’s Night is one of the most significant dates in the calendar.  It is a time for lovers to declare and show their undying love for each other and that’s why we decided we would host a Valentine’s Night Firewalk.

Two hearts beat as one…

There was research conducted by scientists who attached portable heart monitors to Firewalking participants as well as those who had gathered to watch them.  The crowd of spectators consisted of people who had no connection to the Firewalkers as well as relatives.

As you would expect, when the Firewalkers stepped on to the red hot coals their heart rates spiked with fear and excitement.  What you may not have expected though is that their spouses, lovers and family member also spiked, at exactly the same time!

People unrelated to the Firewalkers showed no such spike, indeed, they didn’t experience any change in their heart rates at all.  This tells us that the “shared heart rate” is a phenomenon that occurs between people who are already emotionally connected.

The researchers believe that Firewalking promotes social bonding via shared biological states.  Previous studies show that dances and some religious services create the same feeling of group bonding, however this research show that people can share the same physical sensations (shared heart rate) even when they are not moving as one.  This is called synchronised arousal.

How do we influence our loved one’s heart rate?

The researchers say it is simply caused by sympathy.  As our loved one steps on to the Fire bed their heart will race in response to fear and the potential danger.  As we watch our loved take this step our heart will race too – we will sense the fear and obviously see the potential danger.

Valentine’s Night Firewalk – when two hearts beat as one

We are pretty confident it will.  What’s interesting about this is that you will get to feel the exhilaration of Firewalking twice – once when you walk across and once when you see your partner walk across.

Firewalking is, without a doubt, a truly unique and special experience and now you are getting to share that with someone that you love.

We are still finalising details for the Valentine’s Night Firewalk and you can stay up-to-date by completing the enquiry form below.  Everyone who completes this form before January 15th will be eligible to 10% discount.

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