Looking Back at Firewalk Day 2018

by | May 5, 2018

WOW! It’s hard to believe that Firewalk Day 2018 was a month ago already. Firewalk Day 2018 took place on the 7th April and there were 24 Firewalks in 16 countries taking place all around the world. What a feeling to be part of the first ever Firewalk Day and to know so many other people were Firewalking on the same day.

So, what happened on Firewalk Day?

Firewalk Day 2018 with Firewalking International

We held our Firewalk Day in Donegal at our favourite retreat centre, Gortinessy School House. Johan was on hand all day helping us with the preparations and entertaining the early arrivals. We had loads of preparation to do as Keely had made loads of fantastic signs to brighten the place up and of course, there were loads of fairy lights too!

During the day there was plenty of laughter as people played in canoes on the pond while other just relaxed in the glorious sunshine. It really was the weather!

That night there were 25 of us taking part in the Firewalk and the youngest Firewalker was 10. We all walked the Fire many times under a sky full of stars. It was magical to know that so many people all around the world were doing the same thing.

After the Firewalk some people headed home and other stayed the night. Those that stayed got to help Kiah celebrate her 9th Birthday with cake and hot chocolate.

It was a great night and we would like to extend a huge thank you for everyone that helped out and came along.

Firewalk Day 2018 around the world

The 24 Firewalks that took places around the world were all organised by Firewalk Instructors and Master Firewalk Instructor. Some Firewalks had 2 people and others had as many as 100. A lot of the Firewalks were donation only or a small fee to cover the costs.

One of the things I loved was seeing the social media updates throughout the day and the subsequent days. There was such a stir of energy and conversation. Friendships were made by people from different countries and all because we were celebrating the joy of Firewalking and all that it gives us. A truly remarkable and unforgettable day!

So, what’s next?

Firewalk Day 2019 has already been scheduled for Saturday 6th April 2019 and people have already said they will be hosting or attending again. You can check out the website for more details – www.firewalkday.com

See you then, if not before!

Ps. Check out the video below!


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