Is Firewalking not for Hippies in Fields?

by | Mar 22, 2018

Over the years, whether at a social event or attending a business networking group I am often asked about what I do. And specifically, about Firewalking. Depending upon the individual and the environment I can get many varied responses.

With some, it is of fascination and excitement because they have always wanted to do a Firewalk. Now they can ask for the answers they all wanted. How is it possible, what does it feel like, and where they can do it? From others I’m looked upon as a little crazy and often asked why anyone would possibly choose to do such a thing.  Regardless of the response, it can often lead to an extremely interesting conversation and be incredibly insightful to their own thought processes and beliefs.

Sounds like a bunch of hippies in fields!

A few years ago, I was assisting on an executive coaching program.  One evening on the course I sat at a table for dinner with seven of the delegates.  As the evening progressed and we were all getting to know one another, the conversation turned to Firewalking.  Many at the table were asking the usual questions and generally everyone was quite positive and open minded about the subject. Apart from one chap.

He held a very senior managerial position at his organisation. During the evening he suggested I was crazy and that Firewalking was stupid. Firewalking was just something a bunch of hippies would do in a field and that he’d NEVER do a Firewalk.

As a Firewalk Instructor I have never suggested anybody do a Firewalk, I merely discuss my own thoughts on the subject, and share what I have experienced and the things that I have witnessed. I often discuss the huge impact Firewalking has had on individuals lives, my own included. After all, Firewalking is a metaphor for so many life and business challenges.

Firewalking can bring everybody together, regardless of religious beliefs, status, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and age.

The truth of the matter

Over the years I have Firewalked in many different countries, with many different instructors from many different cultures and schools.  During this time, I have indeed Firewalked, danced and sang below a full moon in a field with a group of free-spirited, peace loving (some may call hippies) individuals. And, these evenings have been incredible with massive amounts of connectivity both to the fire and to the other walkers. So, Firewalking can indeed be a great evening of entertainment, celebration and positivity for hippies in fields.

I have also Firewalked with many senior managers, directors and heads of commerce.  These Corporate Firewalks have had a very different energy and the learning more focused and directed towards business and growth. They were massively impactful.

We’ve run Charity Firewalks and had Bishops from the Church of England walk. Over the years, we have had many celebrities, sports personalities and models. I think it’s safe to say, we’ve ran Firewalks for pretty much everyone from all areas and walks of life.  From the young to the elderly, able-bodied to those that are physically challenged, from the rich and famous to those just starting out. Firewalking really is something which can bring everybody together, regardless of religious beliefs, status, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and age.

And that was that, or was it?

At the end of the meal on the executive coaching course we had discussed all these topics at length and retired to our beds for the night.

Three weeks after the course and much to my amazement I received a message on LinkedIn. To my surprise it was from the chap who had been so vocal on my table and who had stated that he would NEVER Firewalk.

He asked me to organise a Firewalk for his senior management team.  We organised the event and had a superb evening.  So much so, several months later after he had been head hunted to a new organisation, he contacted me again for another Firewalk. This time with his new management team.  They all found the event to be incredibly beneficial and powerful. The Firewalk was held in a field, so I did point out to him that there were no hippies in fields that night … or was there?!

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