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Information and ideas to help your organise a Charity Firewalk or Charity Glass Walk.
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Here at Firewalking International we want your Fundraising Adventure to be easy and fun. Organising a Charity Firewalk or a Charity Glass Walk can be made a lot easier by reading these posts.

The Fundraising Blog is crammed with useful knowledge, hints and ideas to make it easy for you and your Fundraising Event. We answer a lot of the common questions and misconceptions organisers have. And we share a lot of stories from previous events as a source of inspiration for you and your Fundraisers.

We update The Fundraising Blog on a weekly basis so be sure to check to check back. Or better still, subscribe to our newsletter and be kept uptodate on our current musings. And if you have a question, let us know. If you have thought it, someone will do too.

What are Empowerment Activities?

What are Empowerment Activities?

What are Empowerment Activities? So, Firewalking is Firewalking and Glass Walking is Glass Walking. But what on earth are High Impact Empowerment Activities? Have you heard of Empowerment Activities and wondered what they are? Or what about Breakthrough Activities? In...

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