Rewards of Organising a Charity Firewalk

by | Apr 29, 2018

Every year, Firewalks are organised by Charities, Companies that want to give back and by individuals that want to support a Charity and make a difference. For these people there are many obvious rewards of organising a Charity Firewalk and there are a few that will surprise you.

As you would expect, by organising a Charity Firewalk you will contribute to your community by supporting the charity, raising awareness, and raising money for it. You will also create a sense of community and give people to talk about and look forward to.

Some of the rewards of organising a Charity Firewalk that you might be surprised about are learning new skills, honing old ones, achieving specific goals, and forming lifelong friendships – communities have the power to give back.

The More Obvious Rewards of Organising a Charity Firewalk

We have previously written about the more obvious benefits and rewards of organising a Charity Firewalk in these very popular posts:

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The benefits contained in those two blogs are very much aligned with why most people take on organising a Charity Firewalk or Charity Glass Walk.

“The best thing about giving of ourselves is that what we get is always better than what we give. The reaction is greater than the action.”
Orison Swett Marden

The Surprising Rewards of Organising a Charity Firewalk

Now we look as some of the potentially surprising rewards of organising a Charity Firewalk.

New skills and honing old ones

Organising a Charity Firewalk involves marketing and promoting your event. This could be utilising social media, mainstream media and local press, radio interviews, and networking. For some people, the thought of this might be a bit scary or overwhelming. Rest assured, none of it is rocket science and we will help you with this no matter your skill level or experience. And at the end of the day, you decide what will work for you.

You will also get to hone your organisational, problem solving, time management, and communication skills. It’s ok if you don’t have much experience in these areas, that’s what we are here for. We have the experience, know how and desire to help you create a successful Charity Firewalk. And you will have a lot of fun in the process.

Achieving Specific Goals

Most organisers of Charity Firewalks and Charity Glass Walks have one main goal. That goal is to raise as much money as possible. We encourage you to be more specific with this goal and to set an actual target.

You could set a target of £5000, or £6000. Or you could set a higher target of £10,000 or even £20,000. The sky is the limit really but when you have a specific target you will work harder to reach it. It will also encourage all your Firewalk participants and supporters to work towards it too.

Do not set the target too low, instead, give yourself a target, even if you think you might not achieve it. If you can track the money being raised and you reach that target, put it up. It’s such a buzz to know you have had to increase your initial target. And if you don’t reach it? There is a very high chance you will still have raised more that you would have done by simply saying you want to raise as much as possible.

Other popular targets that Charity Firewalk organisers set are about getting a certain number of participants. Ot they might want to raise the profile of the Charity. Again, we recommend making these goals specific.

Lifelong friendships

Another biproduct of organising a Charity Firewalk is the friendships that you will make or strengthen. As the organiser, you will be in contact with lots of new people as well as people you have known for years. You might be surprised how many of these become friends for life.

So, there you have it, some of the obvious and not so obvious rewards of organising a Firewalk. At the end of the day, these are often not why you are doing this but it’s worth knowing what’s ahead of you.

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