Can I get cut Glass Walking?

by | Apr 30, 2018

People always ask, “Can I get cut Glass Walking?”. As you might imagine, it’s a common concern for people, and justifiably so. For some, the thought might not enter their head and for others it will be their first thought. Then you have everyone else in between.

This might be stating the obvious, but most people are aware of the dangers of broken glass. Chances are, by the age of 10, most children will have had some experience of broken glass. The usual scenario is that something gets broken in the home and the child is told to stay back or they will cut themselves.

That’s the beginning of our caution around broken glass. So, if you have been programmed to be careful around broken glass, it makes absolute sense that walking on it is a bad idea. But is it?

So, can I get cut Glass Walking?

Well, we have led Glass Walks with thousands of people and in all that time we have had less than 5 people get a cut. Now, when I say a cut, I mean a small slice to the outermost layer of skin. It’s more like a paper cut to be honest.

What’s interesting about each time this is happened is that the person who got the cut said it was their own fault, they weren’t paying attention. Paying attention is one of the key learning points that can come with Glass Walking and it is crucial if you want to Glass Walk and not get a cut.

“Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.”
James Cook

Proper Training

We provide Charity Glass Walks, Corporate Glass Walks and use Glass Walking within a lot of our training courses and retreats. Glass Walking is a super activity and has loads of benefits that you can read about here –

Each time we provide a Glass Walk we demonstrate how it can be done safely and explain it thoroughly before anyone gets to experience it. The hardest part for people is the head game they play with their limiting beliefs, and then it’s a matter of taking that first step. Of course, our demonstration, instructions, and discussions beforehand all help with the head game.

We also keep a good eye on the participants as they approach the Glass Walk and take their first step. Because we are so close to them we can keep them right with the technique and slow them down if necessary. Yes, that’s part of the technique, being slow and deliberate with each step.

So, if you pay attention, take your time, and follow our instructions you will not get cut Glass Walking. In fact, you will have a rather surreal experience and you’ll be pretty impressed with yourself afterwards. Rightly so!

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