Glass Walking Benefits

by | Feb 21, 2015

Our research shows that 73% of people are happier to try Firewalking as opposed to Glass Walking.  The moment Glass Walking is mentioned, people can be seized with fear and it’s not uncommon for them to instinctively say “not a chance” without any real consideration to the challenge.

We can only put this instinctive reaction down to the fact that we have been conditioned, since we were children, to stay away from broken glass.  Think about it… what were you told any time a plate, cup or glass smashed at home?  That’s right, “Stay away from that, you’ll cut yourself”.  If you were unfortunate to cut yourself on glass as a child, or indeed at any age, you will know it can be sore and depending where, it can take a while to heal.

So, with all this going on it is no wonder that gut reactions say NO to Glass Walking!

When we provide Corporate Glass Walks and Charity Glass Walks we spend time discussing fears and how we deal with them.  We get people to think about their limiting beliefs and how they were created and fuelled.  We help people work out where their fears come from and how to manage those fears.

This results in the vast majority of people who were against the idea of Glass Walking, changing their minds.

“Glass Walking is a great opportunity to practice being in the moment and to fine tune your focus. We like to think of it as Extreme Meditation”
Stephen Brown

Glass Walking Benefits

What is also interesting is the number of people who ask if they can do the Glass Walk again.  Believe it or not, one of the Glass Walking benefits that many people experience is the therapeutic aspect.  That isn’t surprising as the technique of Glass Walking is a very mindful one.  Every step is taken with deliberate care and attention.  You focus on the glass beneath your foot and really feel it before you place any weight on that foot.  You are focused on that foot alone and it is only when you have rested your foot firmly and it is supporting your weight that you start to think about the next step.

This process is slow, focused and mindful.

We believe that lots of people rarely get to “switch off” and that is why they enjoy Glass Walking so much.  Their breathing, their focus, their movement are in the “now” and that is a great place for your head to be.

More than ever we waste so much of our time worrying or dwelling about the past and the future.  Why should we worry about something that has already happened or might never happen?  We should be focused on what is happening right now.  We should be enjoying the present not ignoring it.

Think about the times you are doing things with your family or friends and your mind is elsewhere or your eyes are locked to the smart phone in your hand.  If we could focus on what is going on right now we would be more relaxed.  That is the key lesson that people experience when they walk on broken glass.

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