Will my venue get damaged if we host a Firewalk?

by | May 2, 2018

So, you’ve decided to go ahead with your Charity Firewalk or Corporate Firewalk and you have a venue in mind. Your next step will be to approach the venue and ask them if they will host your Firewalk. It is good to know what to expect with that conversation and you can rest assured, the manager or owner will ask, “Will my venue get damaged if we host a Firewalk?”

If you aren’t sure how to choose a venue you should read this post: Best Venues for Charity Firewalks. The advice in it will help you identify a venue and help you with some of the other questions a venue will ask you. That post is just as relevant for Corporate Firewalks as it is for Charities.

So, you have identified the venue and you know that they will ask, “Will our property get damaged if we host a Firewalk?” While we are here, you should know that it is likely they will have some other questions, such as:

How much space is required for the Firewalk? We touch on that in the Best Venues for Charity Firewalks and have a more detailed blog post about it coming soon.

Do we provide insurance? The simple answer is Yes, of course we do. Firewalk Venues sometimes ask if we can indemnify them, and that is also a Yes! Again, we have another blog post on the way that deals with this specifically.

And of course, there are numerous other questions that can come up and we will help you answer them. Now, back to the question at hand…

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Will my venue get damaged if we host a Firewalk?

Let’s start with the simple answer. No, your venue will not get damaged by hosting a Firewalk. Not by a Firewalking International Firewalk anyway. Of course, it’s best to back this up for the host with some more information.

Over the years we have hosted Firewalks at Stately Homes, Prestigious Hotels, Sports Grounds, City Centres, Village Greens, Shopping Centres and High Streets. We have Firewalked on rooftops, in the desert, inside buildings, and on top of mountains.

We pride ourselves in how we leave the venue after a Firewalk and always leave a venue knowing that it is has been left just as we found it, if not better. And we know that if the venue owner is asked to host a Firewalk in the future, they will happily do so,

How do we stop the venue from getting damaged by a Firewalk?

Once a venue has been agreed, we will then conduct a site survey where we can plan how best to protect the surface. These range from manicured lawns, block paving and various other surface material. There are various techniques that we use and the most common involves insulating the ground with rolls of grass.

I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of this as we have a very cool explainer video on the way. For now, you can be confident that the area we Firewalk will be protected and undamaged. On occasion the groundsmen or premises manager will wish to inspect the site. On many, many occasions we are informed that we have left the site in a better condition than it was before we arrived. That’s always great to hear because that is what we aim for!

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