21 Reasons to Train as an International Firewalk Instructor

by | Nov 23, 2016

You only have to read the feedback of those that have completed the International Firewalk Instructor Training to know that there are far more than 21 reasons to do the course.
“So many lightbulb moments; most of them personal. The reassurance that my best is good enough was one.
To say you have left me feeling empowered is an understatement.”

21 Reasons to do the International Firewalk Instructor Training

  1. Learn how to face your fears and maintain focus while walking on broken glass
  2. You will feel the empowerment that comes from breaking wooden boards with your bare hands
  3. By taking Board Breaking up a notch you will learn how to Break Bricks with your bare hands.
  4. You will learn how to snap arrows with your throat
  5. Experience trust when you learn how to bend Rebars with your neck
  6. You will learn how to work with the media
  7. Learn how to market your new business
  8. This is the same course that Anthony Robbins completed and modelled
  9. We will show you how to earn the cost of the course back with one event
  10. You will learn so much about yourself, more than you could imagine
  11. This is your chance to live outside your comfort zone for 5 days
  12. By completing the International Firewalk Instructor Training you will get to join a global network of Firewalk Instructors
  13. You will get to connect with yourself on a new level
  14. You will get to connect with nature
  15. Experience and learn about meditation and mindfulness
  16. You will learn and practise presentation skills
  17. Explore the use of metaphors and storytelling for learning
  18. Receive ongoing support and guidance from the Team at FirewalkHQ
  19. Throughout the four days you will get real-life opportunities to learn about Fear and how to deal with it
  20. Increasing and maintaining your focus is part and parcel of the International Firewalk Instructor Training
  21. You will learn breathwork techniques and how to apply them

One more thing

We should also mention, you will become the person you were born to be and reacquaint with your true self. And of course, you’ll meet and really connect with awesome people!

Check out the video below and get in touch if you would like to find out more about what you will learn and experience.

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