8 unique perspectives on what makes a Great Firewalk Instructor

by | May 10, 2018

All Firewalk Instructors and Master Firewalk Instructors have varying experiences and perspectives on the approach and qualities necessary to be a Great Firewalk Instructor. Not all situations require the same “style”, and I am not referring to clothing! Great Firewalk Instructors are aware, attentive, agile, and people focused. They create opportunities for the people they work with to reach their goals, experience life fully and become truly empowered. But that is just my current broadly-speaking view.

My philosophies on what makes a Great Firewalk Instructor have evolved over time through years of working with people outside their comfort zones. And that is many years long before I became a Master Firewalk Instructor. My experience also comes from lots of research and experiences leading Firewalks across the globe in many unique situations. And of course, from my successes and failures running my own businesses.

I believe that Great Firewalk Instructors are passionate about developing the people they work with and they constantly work to improve their emotional intelligence. They are knowledgeable, and they know that they are privileged to be able to provide a space for people to develop, emotionally and spiritually. Great Firewalk Instructors can detach from their egos and are there to serve the people they work with. They are authentic, and they walk their talk.


“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”
Bob Marley

For the purposes of this post however, I wanted to get perspectives from other Firewalk Instructors and Master Instructors. So, I asked them one question:

“In your opinion, what makes a Great Firewalk Instructor?”

So here you go!


“I think to be a great Firewalk Instructor you need to have authenticity.  The Fire is an invitation to be more of who you are – to be braver, stronger, wiser, and gutsier.  What makes a Firewalk special is when the participants take away all these, body, and soul, before a Firewalk has even started.

A Firewalk Instructor has no excuse to be an amateur in the aspect of leading the participants in this magnetic ritual of self-awakening, and awakening is a consequence of authenticity.  To be vulnerable and to stay real, that’s the magic that will make the Fire stay long after the walk has ended. “
Cherry Pua Africa – World Stage International

Genuine heartfelt care

“That’ll depend upon your definition and criteria for GREAT. In my opinion, professionalism, walking ones talk, continuously honing ones’ craft, a genuine heart felt care (that goes beyond lip service) for each participant, is what makes a GREAT Firewalk Instructor.”
Kamran Sultan – www.kamransultan.com

Respectful, humble, and honest

“I think, the Great Firewalk Instructors are those who believe that Fire is the teacher and they are just mediators between the participants and Fire. A great Firewalk Instructor is respectful and humble, they have a modest attitude and put the ego away when the healing is happening. It is giving the merit to Fire and being grateful for what it gives and letting it to work with it.

Another important thing is that the Firewalk Instructor shares their authentic values. Not selling beautiful ideas and saying the “right” sentences from books just to create the perfect self-portrait. A great Firewalk Instructor shares their personal learnings, mistakes, knowledge, and life experience. Thus, showing that they are no different to the participants. Truthfulness is what matters when working with people and the Fire.”
Madara Lazdina – Firewalking Latvia

Integrity and a love of life

“Great Firewalk Instructors have humility, respect, and a willingness to learn from Fire and to receive its gifts. They have a desire to bring the healing, inspiring and transformative power of Fire out into the world. They can inspire other people to acknowledge their own fears, without belittling them or dramatizing them, but simply acknowledging them for what they are and then to take those fears and provide a strong and safe space for Fire to do what it does best – the transformation of old and unwanted material into the possibility of new growth.

And finally, a great Firewalk Instructor has integrity, a sense of humour and a love of life.”
Katie Rutledge – Greystone Farm

Being aware of the true meaning of Firewalking

“Asking what makes a Great Firewalk Instructor suggests that there are different kinds of instructors. I think it’s nice to ask ourselves: What is a Firewalk Instructor? Is it a profession?  A lifestyle? A hobby? A mission? Religion? Something else….?

If we could answer that question, then we can talk about what is required. But, just as the fire itself, we cannot ‘catch’ it.

Being a Firewalk Instructor is a privilege. Give something to humanity, people of all ages, cultures and colours. Writing this I guess that what makes a Great Firewalk Instructor is being aware of the true meaning of Firewalking. Knowing that we are not THE Firewalkers (read ego), we are part of a great history and tradition in Firewalking.”
Christa Wiersma – TORI

Getting to the right place

“Being a Great Firewalk Instructor is about getting to the right place from the wrong place! What do I mean by that? The right place is ensuring everyone has a powerful, fun, exciting and safe experience that allows for shifts and changes to take place in a group and individually. The wrong place is going ahead when the venue, set-up, equipment, wood and facilities are not going to facilitate a powerful, fun, exciting and safe experience.

Living in the Middle East we have a lot of sand so often, clients think that best venue for a Corporate event would be in the middle of the desert and dunes or on a beach. While the location is often breath-taking and stunning, soft sand is probably the worst surface for Firewalking and dangerous.

Can the Firewalk be done in these kinds of locations? Yes, and for me it means building a stable surface. Literally building a lawn on the beach or in the middle of the desert, ensuring water hoses or water tanks are available. That may mean additional costs, time and effort and for me, there are no shortcuts if I’m to ensure a successful and safe event. Happy feet… happy clients!”
Carol Talbot – www.caroltalbot.me

The Big Picture

“A Great Firewalk Instructor has a passion for Fire. They are willing to learn and connect with the energy of Fire and to have respect for it. Do that and it will respect you back. They also have a willingness to learn and grow with situations that challenge what they have been taught. And they keep improving it in the safe, safer, safest way.

I think they will have a passion for setting intentions and doing it out of love. Our energies are transferred to the Fire and it affects the outcome and experience for the participants. I also think that the secret is that a Firewalker must practice what they preach. If you talk about Forgiveness, then forgive; if you talk about love, then love.

And you should have a willingness to accept criticism and learn from it

It comes down to serving each other and everyone and learning and growing in the process. It’s the change you bring to those who need it that’s of most importance. All Firewalk Instructor have the power in their hands to bring change and raise vibrations.

For me, I would like all Firewalk Instructors to come together and work together. This is not a competition, this about the big picture of the planet we can change. Lets practice what we preach and let go of past and focus on future

I’m looking forward to next generation Firewalkers that will bring change and raise the vibration”
Cobus Visser – Firewalking Africa

To conclude

Being a Firewalk Instructor requires constant focus, inner strength, and passion. These 8 unique perspectives provide great insight while also validating certain commonalities.

Many Firewalk Instructors know what we need to do to be better, we just sometimes fail to act. Being a Great Firewalk Instructor requires constant personal and professional development, self-reflection and acting on all feedback. Great Firewalk Instructors are rarely satisfied with their performance, they are always learning, growing, and getting better.

A special thanks to our contributors for their time and wisdom!

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