How much does a Corporate Glass Walk cost?

by | Mar 11, 2018

We are regularly asked if we can provide a Corporate Glass Walk as part of a Corporate Retreat, a Team Building Day or a Conference. Often, the person already has a good understanding of how Glass Walking works and how it will contribute to their experience and/or objectives. They might have some logistical questions but usually they just want to know, “How much does a Corporate Glass Walk cost?”

To work out the cost of a Corporate Glass Walk we have several factors to take into consideration:

  • Number of participants
  • Duration of the event
  • Location

Let’s break these down.

How does the number of participants affect the Corporate Glass Walk Cost?

It’s crucial that participants are kept involved, fully engaged and not waiting too long for their turn to try Glass Walking. Therefore, we work on a ratio of one Glass Walk lane for every 20 people.

That means, a Corporate Glass Walk cost starts at £1000 for up to 20 people which is £50 per person. After 20 people, the rate is charged at £20 per person and there is no upper limit.

For example, if you have 100 people you will pay a total fee of £2600 which equates to £26 per person. This will give you 6 Glass Walk lanes and a Team of professional Glass Walking Facilitators to look after you and your colleagues.

How does the duration affect the Corporate Glass Walk Cost?

Regardless of numbers you can do a Corporate Glass Walk in an hour. Provided of course, you have the space to accommodate the number of Glass Walk Lanes. To compliment the hour of participation we include an optional “Insights Talk” during which we can cover topics such as Focus, Dealing with Fears, Trust and Mindful Living.

We have delivered Glass Walking at events when the organiser wanted us to work with 100+ spread across the day in smaller groups. That meant we were able to reduce the number of Glass Walk Lanes and Glass Walking Instructors. So even though it was a longer time commitment for us, the reduction in staff meant there was only a marginal increase in costs.

The whole event was fantastic. It challenged our thinking and we faced our fears! Can you really walk on broken glass? The answer of course is yes you can. So often we limit ourselves and we allow our fears to hold us back.
Andrew Dobbin

How does the location affect the Corporate Glass Walk Cost?

Just like Firewalking, we have delivered Corporate Glass Walks in numerous countries throughout the UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, Latvia, Egypt, USA and Morocco, and we have the ability to travel further.

To deliver a Corporate Glass Walk in a country where we don’t have a partner there will be an extra cost for flights and the transport of Glass. We have brought the glass with us on the flight and other times we have has it posted. Either way, the Glass is on a way trip. You might need to help us locate a recycling centre, so we can dispose of it after your event.

For events in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Ireland, we have a number of bases we operate from, so extra travel costs are rare.

What’s included in the cost of a Corporate Glass Walk?

As part of our Corporate Glass Walk and Team Building service we provide:

  • A dedicated Event Management team
  • Detailed Risk Assessments and Event Management Plan
  • A dedicated Delivery Team of Qualified Glass Walk Facilitators
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Years of experience and customer care
  • Complete clear up of the venue

How much do other companies charge for a Corporate Glass Walk?

We will have to pass on this one. We have absolutely no idea how much other companies charge. You’ll have to do some investigating.

Worth considering….

Sometimes, companies have asked some of their employees to bring in empty wine bottles with the labels removed and then we break the glass in front of them. This works really.

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