Can I Burn at a Firewalk?

by | Mar 10, 2018

When booking us to run a Firewalking event the initial enquiries all tend to follow a similar pattern. Generally, people want to know how much we will charge, potential venue options, the logistics necessary, timings of the event and it is not uncommon to be asked ‘can I burn at a Firewalk?’

The shortest answer to this question is, yes. It is possible that your feet could experience a slight burn. After all, a Firewalk does require you to walk bare foot over 1200 degree red hot embers.

Before anybody is invited to walk over the embers we spend time covering their expectations. We provide the Firewalkers with enough information to be able to make an informed decision as to whether they wish to take that first step, or not.

Firewalk Training and Preparation

Health and Safety is always in the forefront of our minds and we do everything in our control to provide a fun and enriching experience for all those that take part.

Everyone who wishes to Firewalk will be required to attend a training session before they get to Firewalk.

During the training we educate the participants on how to safely walk across the fire bed. Those who follow our guidelines will have a safe and enjoyable experience. To ensure this happens we set in place certain guidelines, for example, nobody under the influence or alcohol or drugs will be permitted to participate. Common sense we know but it must be said.

“Proper Firewalk Training and Preparation from Firewalk Professionals will greatly decrease the risk of you getting a burn at a Firewalk.”
James Hunt
During the training session we explain and demonstrate the correct and safest way to Firewalk.  To ensure the participants are focused, we cover the risk of potentially getting a small burn.

What is it like to get a burn at a Firewalk?

You can do this now just where you are sitting. Slap your hands together as hard as you can Go on, do it. I expect you may well experience a slight tingle or even a little soreness?  Well thats potentially what you could experience by walking barefoot over hot embers.

Your feet may tingle and often this sensation can lead people to believe they have been burnt and yet, on inspection, their feet are totally fine. On occasion, it is possible to be awarded with a small ‘trophy’ from the fire bed, a small blister. Not dissimilar from the one you might experience by not paying attention when putting something into a hot oven.

Firewalking is a Choice. Your Choice!

Although we ask everybody to remove their shoes and socks and walk out to the fire lane we do not insist, encourage or coerce anybody to Firewalk. We do encourage you to make the decision whether to walk or not, when standing in front of the fire, and not when sitting in a training room.

There is a potential risk of getting a small blister/burn on your foot and we will ask you if that risk is worth taking.  We will ask you to really consider the risk and if the thought of a blister or a burn is too unbearable, then you should really consider whether you want to Firewalk.

Owning your decision

We have had individuals decide that they will not Firewalk. The thought of potentially getting a ‘fire kiss’ was just too much of a risk for them to take. We applaud these individuals as they have made and “owned” their decision, which is the right decision for them. And of course, the only way we can guarantee you will not get a small burn is if you don’t participate in the Firewalk.

If you say yes…

Usually, most people will make the decision to Firewalk and although their feet become a little dirty, they remain completely fine.

On many occasions, we have found Firewalkers to be so focused, that once they have taken those few steps across the embers, they cannot believe it was so easy. It is not unusual for some, to then believe it must be some sort of trick or illusion, and we get many requests to walk a second time.

When time and embers permit, we will accommodate these individuals to walk again. Before they get their second walk, we make it very clear that it is crucial they keep the same focus and intention that they had the first time. Historically however, it is usually at this time when they become less focused on their walk and more focused upon their friends taking a photo for them. This can and does lead to the fire giving them some immediate feedback for not paying attention.

Some advice

Henry Ford was quoted to say, ‘Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right’.

This quote is just perfect to sum up Firewalking.  When your mind is calm, and you have the certainty that you will cross the coals unharmed, you do.  If, however, you allow negative thoughts to enter your mind, you lose focus, you question your ability, allow ego to take over, then you potentially can have a different experience.

If you do get a burn at a Firewalk

During my last 12 years of Firewalking the worse burns I have ever seen at a public Firewalk was a handful of very small blisters. The individuals had been ‘kissed’ by the fire and were awarded a ‘trophy’ as a reminder of their Firewalking experience.

Often with a little Aloe Vera gel and a technique we share, the trophies have gone by the following day.

Over the years I have also witnessed the state of many runners’ feet after they have completed a marathon. As well as hikers’ feet after spending the day out trekking. I have seen blisters the size of a fist, toe nails blackened and hanging off, skin rubbed off leaving open wounds. In fact, even breaking in a new pair of shoes can be more painful and damaging to your feet.

So, although yes you can burn at a Firewalk the risks really are, very small indeed. And that is without even considering the rewards, but that’s for another day.

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