Firewalk Awards 2018

by | Jun 3, 2018

Last year we tried to introduce The Firewalk Awards at the 1st International Firewalk Gathering. It didn’t happen, so this year, we are going to do our own Firewalk Awards.

Like most Awards and Review Articles, The Firewalk Awards 2018 are based on the opinions we have formulated over the years, and from our extensive experience of what is happening in the World of Firewalking. Recently, we have spent a lot of time looking around the Firewalking Industry to get a real good feel for what is happening. We will tell you more about that soon.

The information herein is our opinion and is not an endorsement. You should always do your own research and due diligence when selecting what Firewalk Company or Instructor you would like to work with. This article is meant to educate and enlighten you, providing you with information on who we think deserve a “shout out”. Of course, there are many other Firewalk Companies out there and their omission does not mean they do not provide great Firewalks or great Events. In fact, as far as we can see, most are doing an excellent job! You never know, they could well be the winners next year!

So, let’s get on with this and welcome to the inaugural Firewalk Awards 2018!

Fundraising Firewalks

Charity Firewalks are very popular in the UK and Ireland, and without a doubt, UK Firewalk are doing a tremendous job. This family run Firewalking Company must be doing at least 60 Charity Firewalks and Charity Glass Walks every year. Hats off to these guys, they are really making an enormous difference when it comes to Fundraising.

Corporate Firewalks

Carol Talbot is a Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, NLP Trainer, Author and Master Firewalk Instructor. Originally from the UK and now based in Dubai, Carol is at the fore of Corporate Firewalking. Her work see’s her travelling the world and this can be testified by her extensive and impressive list of clients.

Community Firewalks

Next stop, Hungary. Napkapu is well known for their spectacular Firewalks. And their Four Seasons Firewalk deserves special mention. Specifically, the sense of community that they have created.  Now in its 8th year, this Fire Festival is spread across 4 events each year. It has had over 2000 participants with participants taking part in all four Firewalks and many returning year after year.

Alternative Firewalks

Firewalking is becoming more and more mainstream in India. D.A.T.A. Resort is one of the companies making Firewalking more accessible. They train “civilians” with the necessary self-preservation, survival skills, and techniques needed to endure and survive a potentially fatal situation. Firewalking is one of the many tools they work with. Possibly the only place where Firewalkers are in military fatigues when Firewalking.

Retreats & Firewalks

If you go to British Columbia in Canada, you would be well advised to visit Quantum Leaps Lodge and Retreats. This unique, peaceful, scenic, and spiritual Retreat Centre and Lodge is on 11 acres of land boasting a variety of accommodations. Quantum Leaps can be hired for retreats and they offer their own retreats including Firewalking, Shamanism, Breathwork and labyrinths.

Fire Performance & Firewalks

Adding Fire Performance to a Firewalk is a fantastic way to WOW your participants and spectators. Kevin Axtell from The Firewalking Center is “the man” when it comes to this. Kevin is a Fire Performer and a Master Firewalk Instructor. He ignites a lot of energy in his events and is always coming up with something new, creative, and interesting for his Firewalks.

Professional Speaking & Firewalk

Choosing just one person for this category was no easy task but the Award goes to Priya Kumar. Priya is a celebrated name in the corporate training industry. She has 18 years of experience, working with over two million people, helping them achieve their personal and professional goals, Priya is also an author of eight inspirational books.

Firewalk Awards 2018: Special Mention

We are honoured to know lots of fantastic and remarkable Firewalk Instructors and Firewalk Companies. Too many to mention to be honest. But there is one person that we think deserves a special mention. Someone who stands out from the crowd for all he does for the Firewalking Community.

Cobus Visser from Firewalking Africa is a Master Firewalk Instructor and all round good guy. He works tirelessly to connect Firewalk Instructors from across the Globe together. Cobus is a true asset to the Firewalking Industry.

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