International Firewalk Day

by | Mar 27, 2018

We are delighted to be part of the International Firewalk Day. This is the first ever Global Effort to celebrate Firewalking, and all that it has to offer. International Firewalk Day takes place on Saturday 7th April 2018 and there are 23 Firewalks scheduled. As a result, there are Firewalks taking place in 15 different countries around the world.

More about International Firewalk Day

The idea of a Global Celebration for Firewalking was suggested at the Firewalk Gathering in Latvia last year. It was the perfect place to gauge interest and know if the idea had potential.  A few months later, with our friends at Eight Directions and FireHawk, we began making the dream a reality. So the aim was set – have as many Firewalks as possible, taking place all over the world and on the same day.

Of course, an idea is only an idea unless it grows traction. And it is fantastic that the wider Firewalking Community has answered the call. With this ancient transformational tool, we can help people improve their lives and collectively, we can raise awareness and consciousness. And we can encourage healing, while celebrating the Joy and Wisdom that comes with Firewalking.

“A perfect opportunity to unite Worldwide Firewalking Traditions, in their many forms.”
Bence L Tarr


Here at Firewalk HQ, we are very excited for International Firewalk Day. It’s amazing to know that there are going to be so many amazing Firewalks happening at the same time. And the ripples that this will cause are unmeasurable.

Get involved

The great thing about International Firewalk Day is that anyone can get involved. So, if you are a Firewalk Instructor you can host an event. And if you aren’t an Instructor, you can attend a Firewalk.

A lot of the International Firewalk Day events are free, donation only, for charity or at a reduced special fee. You can find details on all International Firewalk Day events here – And, you can register your event here –

Finally, if you want to attend our International Firewalk Day event you will find the details here –

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