Why are there so many Firewalk Instructor Training Schools?

by | Mar 28, 2018

If you were to take the time researching Firewalk Instructor Training Schools, you are likely to find many throughout the world.  To really understand why this is, it’s probably best to have a look at Modern Day Firewalking.

Firewalking has been around for thousands of years as a rite of purification, healing, initiation and transcendence. And at some stage toward the end of 1970’s Firewalking began filtering into Western Society and it became more accessible.

In 1977, Tolly Burkan, the man often credited with starting the modern day Firewalking movement, walked on fire for the first time. It occurred to him that this was something to be shared and in 1979 he began running Firewalk Seminars. His wife, Peggy Dylan, worked with him until they resolved their relationship. And by that time, they had worked with 1000’s of people and trained many instructors in the USA and further afield.

The first Firewalk Instructor Training Schools

From this time Firewalk Instructor Training Schools began to grow.  Tolly Burkan originally started F.I.R.E. and Peggy Dylan started Sundoor.  Both these schools trained Firewalk Instructors and subsequently, Master Firewalk Instructors. It was, and still is common, that Master Firewalk Instructors would establish their own Firewalk Instructor Training School. Sometimes this would be under the umbrella of who trained them. Other times it would be under their own auspices.

Tolly Burkan retired and sold his training school to Charles Horton. Over the years tens of Master Instructors have been trained under the umbrella of F.I.R.E. and have subsequently established Firewalk Instructor Training Schools in their own right.

When Charles Horton took over F.I.R.E. some of the Master Firewalk Instructors that worked with Tolly Burkan, separated and established standalone Firewalk Instructor Training Schools.

Over the years, Peggy Dylan and Sundoor have also trained numerous Firewalk Instructors and Master Instructors.

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”
Brad Henry

The Source

The likelihood therefore is, whichever Firewalk Instructor Training School you contact, their origins will more than likely be traced back to either Tolly Burkan or Peggy Dylan.  Of course, we have heard of other Firewalk Instructor Training Schools that do not seem to fall into this lineage. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find information on how they came to be or where they learned.

The fantastic news for future Firewalk Instructors is that they now have a wonderful choice as to where they choose to be trained, and by whom. There are dozens of Master Firewalk Instructors who have the skills to train you as a Firewalk Instructor. Not all these Masters are actively training Firewalk Instructors. Some have never, and won’t ever, train Firewalk Instructors. They trained as Masters to gain more experience, knowledge, and perhaps for the title. Others are very active and will deliver 1 or 2 Firewalk Instructor Training Courses every year.

Your vibe will attract your tribe

‘Your vibe will attract your tribe’ is a saying often used within the Firewalking Community.  You are likely to be drawn to a certain individual school or trainer depending on what you are seeking and what attracts you most.

The original Firewalk Instructor Training Course was originally held over 4 days and many schools keep to this original training program.  Some schools, like us, now run the Firewalk Instructor Training Course over 5 or even 6 days giving their students additional resources, new ways of doing things, current information and the latest insights.

Firewalk Instructors all share the belief that Firewalking can create a massive change within an individual. They know that Firewalking can have a profound effect to those who attend their events.  It is because of this that so many go on to share the knowledge and give as many people the opportunity to walk across the embers.

Although each Firewalking Instructor Training school is unique, fundamentally they all want to train and empower individuals to be able to run their own Firewalking Events.

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