Why is Firewalking better at night?

by | Mar 29, 2018

Almost everyone that asks us to provide a Firewalk wants to know what time of day or night works best. We always respond by saying that Firewalking is better at night. That’s not to say we don’t do Firewalks during the day, even if that is controversial for some. We understand that it’s not always possible to do a Firewalk at night and we have the skills and experience to provide safe, empowering Firewalks during the day.

But back to the question…

Why is Firewalking better at night?

There are several reasons why we recommend Firewalking at night. Some of the reasons are more obvious than others but all are worth considering.


There’s no getting around it. Firewalking just looks better at night time. You can see the red glowing embers and when the area is lit up with burning lanterns it looks magical. It helps create the wow factor, and everyone is impressed. Especially on a clear night with the moon and stars. Honestly, this sort of night is very hard to beat.

“The wheel was invented. Fire was mastered. Early man learned to use Fire when the need arose. As time went by, the warmth and light of the Fire pit became a natural gathering place”
Øivind Berg


Firewalking is better at night because people can see the glowing embers and that helps them remain focused. It sharpens their attention and intentions. If you Firewalk during the day, the Fire Bed just looks black and people can be tricked into thinking the embers aren’t hot. If it doesn’t look hot, people can become more blasé about the whole thing. And if people are blasé, they run the risk of getting a small blister or burn.

That’s why we work really hard on a day time Firewalk to make sure the participants know the embers are live and hot. We demonstrate this to the would-be Firewalkers and emphasise the importance of being focused.

We can understand why some Firewalking Companies won’t provide you with a day time Firewalk and hence the controversy.


By doing a Firewalk at night, people have more space to be themselves and focus on what is going on, both inside and out. Imagine you are attending your first Firewalk and you are nervous about it. Its hard to hide that you are feeling nervous or scared – its written all over your face. By Firewalking at night, you will now be able step back from the rest of the participants and focus on how you are feeling. It’s not that you want to hide how you are feeling as such. More that you need the space to work on how you are feeling.

Believe it or not, we see this happening at most Firewalks. In fact, we talk about this as part of the training before the Firewalk.

So, there you have it, three good reasons that make Firewalking better at night. Guess you will have to try it and decide for yourself.



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