What does it feel like to Glass Walk?

by | Jul 12, 2018

Before they walk on broken glass, most people will have some idea in their head about what it will feel like. Some expect Glass Walking to feel like walking on razors while others think it will feel sore and are unable to elaborate beyond that. So, what does it feel like to Glass Walk?

It’s not what you expect!

One of the most interesting things about Glass Walking is that it feels nothing like you will imagine. In fact, nothing about walking on broken glass is as you imagine, unless you have a very kind imagination. For most people, when they hear about Glass Walking, their mind will go to the worst possible scenarios, cut feet, pain, etc. That’s what our brains do in their efforts to protect us.

The reality is much different though. When people can quiet the negative chatter and “what ifs”, they are able to take that first step onto the Glass. We always tell people that like many things in life, the first step is often the hardest.

When they take that first step people realise two things:

  • Glass Walking is easier than they imagined
  • The Glass doesn’t feel like they thought it would

Of course, this can only be achieved with the correct training and teaching of the techniques required to walk on broken glass safely.

“Glass Walking is an opportunity to improve your awareness, challenge your fears, practice being present, and master your focus”
Stephen Brown

What does it feel like to Glass Walk?

The vast majority of people say that it felt like walking on a stony beach, or gravel, or on crunchy acorns. Some will report that the glass felt cold while others say it felt a little bit warm. People will also say that it felt relaxing, that it was easy, and empowering.

For some people, the sound of the glass breaking can be difficult to hear, but that’s just another fear that the participants get an opportunity to work with.

If you really want to know what it feels like to Glass Walk you are best to experience it yourself. You can do this by attending one of our Retreats, or by taking part in a Charity Glass Walk, or Corporate Glass Walk. Then you will have first hand experience, and you will get to see why Glass Walking is one of our favourite High Impact Empowerment Activities.

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